Evolve is now Climate Positive!

We’re extremely excited to announce that we are now a Climate Positive company. This means that we will be going beyond being carbon neutral, and we will be offsetting 110% of the carbon emissions measured so far that we produce. We have already mapped our scope 1 and 2 and scope 3 operational, distribution and packaging emissions. In 2021 we aim to map all of our scope 3 ingredients emissions. 

To achieve this we have partnered with Earthly, an organisation that enables businesses such as ours to invest in the fight against climate change through science-backed natural solutions. 

Climate Positive Business Evolve Organic Beauty

To cut a long story short, they help us give back to a planet that has given us so much. 

Carbon Emissions And The Beauty Industry

From the production and transportation of raw ingredients to the manufacture and sale of consumer end-products, carbon intensive industry practices are contributing to climate change. Beauty companies have sought to tackle this by investing in carbon offsetting projects, such as tree planting schemes. 

However, we recognise that this is not enough.

Some of the action we have taken at Evolve includes:

Evolve Climate Positive Stats

Evolve Earthly Partnership

We know offsetting is not a long-term solution and we are continually making progress, but progress takes time so we wanted a solution that would enable us to have a positive impact on our carbon footprint in the interim. 

Sustainability Report 2020

Why Does Being Climate Positive Mean?

By becoming Climate Positive, we are able to offset 110% of the  emissions we have measured so far. This means that we are helping to remove more carbon than we are producing as a business. 

We will be working with Earthly to help fund the  BAM REDD+ Brazil Nut Concessions project in Peru.

Evolve Earthly Partnership

This project is focussing on rainforest conservation in the heart of Peru, and it aims to reduce deforestation in over 300,000 hectares of Peruvian Amazon and reduce millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere due to illegal deforestation. 

Earthly Project Statistics

Our founder Laura has travelled to the Amazon rainforest in her quest to find the best natural skincare ingredients, so this project is one that is close to her heart: 

I am delighted to be able to work with a project in an area that I love. I was lucky enough to visit the Amazon rainforest and I was awestruck by the sheer size, splendor and biodiversity on show. The Amazon is a crucial part of the Earth's ecosystem, and the role it plays in reducing carbon emissions is invaluable to us all. That’s why I was so excited to get involved in this project and be able to help.

How Does It Work? 

Here's a simple breakdown of how our partnership with Earthly will work:

Evolve Earthly Partnership


How We Are Continuing Our Journey To Zero Carbon

We know that carbon offsetting is not the long-term solution to the problem of emissions, but finding a long-term solution takes time and we wanted to begin taking action now. Whilst we will be continuing to work alongside Earthly and the BAM Rainforest Project, we are also taking additional steps on our journey to becoming a zero carbon business.

This year we are planning to: 

  • Map and offset the emissions from the entirety of our supply chain by the end of the year. This involved mapping out the journey of more than 180 ingredients, which is why it is such a long-term project.
  • Switch from wood paper to grass paper cartons to save 75% of CO2 emissions
  • Continue to source more packaging and ingredients locally to reduce shipping emissions
  • Lay the foundations for our longer-term plan. By 2023, we aim to have a Climate Positive business and supply chain, where we will have reduced our emissions as much as possible, gone net zero and contributed more to restoring the planet via offsetting with Earthly. 

We want to tackle the issue of climate change head on, and although we can’t change everything immediately, going Climate Positive is a huge step in the right direction.

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