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Can I get some samples to try your products?

Yes we would love to send you some. Click here to get a pack to suit your skin. If you have specific requests, please fill in a comment in your shopping cart. We do have to make a small charge for them and for postage but we've kept it to a minimum so you can try them before you commit to buying a larger size. We do also do larger travel sizes which are about a third to a half of the full sizes. You can find them here

Do you test on animals?

The short answer is no!

It is illegal in the UK and Europe to test finished products on animals and we don't do it. We also don't supply to mainland China, where animal testing is required. 

Some cosmetic ingredients, even natural ones, were animal tested many years ago. Although we aren't currently certified with the BUAV we do follow the practise of setting a cut off period beyond which we won't use any animal tested ingredients. Our cut off date is 2005. 

Are you certified organic?

Not at the moment, but our products are formulated in line with recognised organic standards and we are working towards certifying them. Our small manufacturing unit is still relatively new and a lot of paperwork and tracking is required for certification, which we are putting in place. 

Why does it say my information is being transferred to the USA during checkout?

We use a website service called Shopify which has servers in the USA. Your information is securely held and isn't shared with any third parties. 

How much is it to ship to....

We ship to most countries in the world from our studio in Hertfordshire, England. You can find out if we ship to your country and how much it would be by adding something to your shopping cart and then entering your details to calculate shipping. If your country isn't listed, we can't ship to it but we may have a distributor who can supply your product directly so contact us and we will put you in touch with them. 

Can I collaborate with you on Instagram / on my blog?

We would be pleased to discuss this with you! Please let us know more about you and your audience and we will let you know if we think there is a good fit. 

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