From Carbon Creators To Carbon Haters - Our Journey To Climate Positive

Carbon emissions are the ugly side of the beauty industry, and that is why we commiting to change now.

By 2023, we aim to become a Climate Positive business and supply chain. That means that we will reduce more greenhouse gas emissions than our value chain emits whilst we continue to grow our business.

The Journey of an Evolve product

Unfortunately this is not a change that can happen overnight, but we have a plan to evolve...

Measure, Act, Offset

Our carbon footprint is our responsibility, and that’s why our plan to eliminate it is already in action. First we need to measure all of our emissions, from shipping through to creating products in our eco-studio. Next, we act on our findings to ensure an immediate reduction in carbon emissions. Finally, we take steps to offset the remaining carbon emissions. This plan will result in Evolve becoming a Climate Positive company by 2023. 

Sustainability Report 2020

What Is A Carbon Footprint? 

Carbon footprints are measured in kilograms of CO2e, and this stands for carbon dioxide equivalent emissions. The “e” or “equivalent” at the end of the measurement is very important. This means that we’re keeping track of all greenhouse gases we emit in our process, not just carbon, and converting them to CO2 when we measure their impact. 


We’ve already measured our scope 1, 2 and part of our scope 3 emissions this year. In simple terms this means that we know our CO2e emissions from our operational and corporate sides of the business and our distribution and packaging.

Evolve Organic Beauty Carbon Emissions

We aim to map and offset the emissions from the rest of our supply chain by the end of 2021 which will involve mapping the entire journey of over 180 ingredients. 

We want to be transparent with our customer about our carbon footprint, and that’s why we are making sure every single ingredient is accounted for. 

Our Carbon Footprint

In 2020 our measured Carbon Footprint was 261.85 tonnes of CO2e. 

On it’s own this number doesn’t mean much, so that’s why we wanted to take a closer look at what was causing our emissions. 

Evolve Organic Beauty Emissions

Carbon Comparisons

We know that it can be hard to break down these numbers without context, so if you’re curious about what the pie charts mean in real life we’ve got a couple of comparisons to help. 

Evolve Shipping Info



We want to become the greenest beauty brand in the world, and doing that means taking action now. Whilst we are continuing to work on achieving net zero carbon emissions, we’ve been busy introducing a number of other initiatives to help us reduce our carbon footprint every single day. 

Evolve Organic Beauty Sustainable Achievements



Whilst we are on our journey to net zero carbon emissions, we believe that we need to take responsibility for the environmental impact we are having now. That’s why we’ve joined forces with Earthly to offset 110% of our measured emissions by supporting their BAM project in the Amazon Rainforest which is helping prevent deforestation and reduce carbon emissions.

Earthly Logo

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Download Our Full Sustainability Report Here

Sustainability Report 2020