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Pumps are everywhere. From our favourite skincare products through to the soap dispenser on our kitchen side. These handy little tools have become such an everyday part of our lives that you probably don’t even notice that they are there anymore, but the fact they are is causing a problem for the environment.


Dump The Pump is our new campaign which aims to encourage a reduction in single use personal care plastic by reusing pumps on skincare products.

We want to encourage our customers to make one small simple change to their beauty routine which, when done across the entire Evolve family, will make a huge difference to the number of plastic pumps we send out.

We want you to Dump The Pump next time you shop, and reuse the pump you already have.  

It’s that simple. 

Everytime someone chooses the pump free version of one of our products, another piece of plastic is saved from landfill.

That is why we wanted to turn our focus to pumps this month, as by encouraging customers to use fewer and fewer of them, we will be able to make an immediate and noticeable impact on our plastic usage and carbon footprint both as a business, and as a community of people who are looking to evolve the beauty industry.

The pump may be a small part of our industry, but we believe that it can be used as the gateway to greener beauty.


Our long-term goal is to make every product we sell pump-free. This means that if you would like a pump with your product you will need to request one, and that receiving a pump free product will become the default for the Evolve family. 

However, we understand that the transition needs to be gradual, and that is why we are excited to tell you more about our pump free range of products. To encourage more people to choose our pump free options you’ll be able to save £1 per product, per purchase when you Dump The Pump. 

Every product in the range below can be purchased without a pump, meaning that for every order, one pump has been dumped, and we will be able to save a pump from being shipped.

To order a pump free product all you need to do is click on the dropdown on the product page, and select the pump free version.

We have also created product bundles to help you save money, plastic and postal journeys. Our Refill Duos come with an additional pump free version of the product you are purchasing, and you’ll save 20% vs the cost of buying our pump and pump free versions separately.

Let's All Dump The Pump

We’ve started this campaign to increase awareness around how one small change, Dumping The Pump, can make a huge difference when the change is made collectively.

This is a campaign we know the Evolve family will take to their hearts and that is why we are setting two targets. Our targets are:

500 Pumps Dumped In January

5,000 Pumps Dumped In 2021

We will keep you all updated with our progress throughout the month and year, but we know that together we can take this step towards Evolving Beauty.

We want this message spread far and wide, so if you Dump The Pump this month share the message on social media with the hashtag #Dumpthepump and help us reach as many people as possible.

Dump the pump f.a.q

How do I reuse my pump?

We have made a comprehensive guide to reusing your pump which you can find on our page How to reuse a beauty product pump.

What if my pump doesn’t fit my product?

Each of our pumps are designed to work with specific bottles, so if you are ordering a product with a different size or design of pump you’ll need to order a product with a pump for your first order and reuse the pump afterwards!

How many times can I reuse my pump?

This is a tricky question as the situation for every pump is different, and it depends on how often a pump is being used. Our pumps are made to last, but if you notice that your pump is not working as well as it was when you first got it then it’s probably time to reuse another pump you have in your collection, or simply get a new one. 

Why did you choose to focus on pumps?
Encouraging customers to Dump The Pump was the quickest and most immediate thing we could do here at Evolve to make a difference. We are working across the company to improve our sustainability in a wide number of areas and we will continue our work to become the greenest beauty company in the world across 2021, but we believe that change should start now. 

We have taken inspiration from the campaign to ban single use plastic straws from 2018, and we want to lead the way in educating customers about how they can be a part of something bigger and make an impact with their beauty routines. 

Will my pump make a difference?

Every single person who chooses to Dump The Pump will make a difference. 

Change starts within, and every time a person goes pump free with their skincare choice one piece of plastic is saved from being unnecessarily shipped, used and then thrown away. 

There are thousands of members of the Evolve family, but to enjoy the benefits of collective change we need every single member to play their part. If you ever find yourself asking whether or not the change you are making matters, the answer is yes. 

Why are your lids recyclable but your pumps are not?

Over the years at Evolve we have researched a lot of different types of packaging and currently our plastic lids are still the most secure way of transporting our products to customers. 

Our plastic lids are made from 75% to 100% recycled PET plastic, which unlike its PVC equivalent is fully recyclable and, if it should unfortunately end up in landfill, it will not leach any chemicals into the soil. 

Our pumps however are made up of a number of individual elements which makes them extremely difficult to recycle. Every element within the pump would need to be broken down, separated and then recycled, but as of 2021 there are no options for customers to do this on a local level. 
Our sustainability team is constantly researching new packaging to ensure we remain at the forefront of green beauty, so as soon as a suitable product that offers the same levels of protection as our plastic lids and usability as our pumps, you can rest assured that you will be the first to know.  

Why have you not just removed all the pumps from your products? 

Whilst our pumps are not yet recyclable, they are still the best method for extracting the right amount of product from our bottles and jars each time and reducing product waste via overuse. 
Our pumps versatility in dispensing just the right amount of cream, serum or liquid is currently unrivaled, and until there is something that can replace the pump and do as good of a job, we will be encouraging you to Dump The Pump.

By Dumping The Pump and reusing the pump you already have, you will be able to cut down on single use personal product plastic usage and still enjoy the benefits of the Evolve range over and over again.  

I don’t have a pump yet so what can I do? 

We are not removing the pumps from our range for the reasons above, so you will be able to buy a product with a pump for your next purchase. 

Then, when it is time to refill you simply choose the pump free option. 

Would Recycling My Pump Stop The Waste?

Due to the complex make up of pumps, recycling them is extremely difficult through common recycling methods used by councils across the UK and governments all around the world. 

Each and every pump needs to be disassembled, and each individual material sorted by type to facilitate any form of recycling.

Unfortunately, with the current municipal recycling system in place here in the UK, each piece of the pump is too small to be economically viable to recycle, and as a result the vast majority of pumps are destined to be thrown away and end up in landfill sites around the world. 

We are continuing to look at ways to enable our customers to recycle their pumps, and throughout 2021 and beyond we will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of clean, eco-friendly beauty so please watch this space. 

Can I Return My Pump To You And You Can Recycle It?

We have looked into a scheme which would allow customers to return their pumps to us for recycling, but the result of this research was that at present, it was quite simply more green for our customers to reuse the pumps they already have. 

Returning the pump to us would involve an additional journey back to our eco-studio, and then a separate journey to the dedicated recycling plant in the UK before the tricky task of disassembling the pump can even begin. Whilst this is a great idea in theory, simply using your pump again and again is a greener approach to beauty.