How to Find Your Skin Type

How to Find Your Skin Type

In order to care for your skin properly you first need to understand it.  In simple terms, you need to understand your skin type.

Each of us have different skin types, some of us having one stable type all year round, some changing with the weather, and some just a little bit of everything.  By being able to identify your individual skin type you can adapt your skincare routine and make the most of your products.  

There are four main skin types - dry, oily, combination and sensitive.  Once you know all of the tell tale signs of each then it’ll be easy for you to discover which one fits you best!

Is My Skin Dry?

Dry skin can often be identified if your skin tends to feel tight and itchy, and can appear flaky, scaly and rough.  This is because dry skin lacks the moisture that other skin types have. The lack of moisture means that skin loses its elasticity can appear dull.  Although it does mean that you are less susceptible to breakouts and larger pores.  

If you have this skin type then it is important to follow a simple skin care routine designed to lock moisture into the skin and restore your glow.  When people have dry skin they tend to miss out cleansing as part of their routine, but this is an important step! Rather than believing that cleansing is used strictly to get rid of unwanted oils in the skin, cleansing is great for getting rid of dead skin cells from the surface of your face as well as cleaning skin from any dirt or pollutants it has picked up during the day!  Try using one tailored towards dry skin such as our Gentle Cleansing Melt.

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Is My Skin Oily?

Oily skin is categorised by the overproduction of sebum - the oil produced by our sebaceous glands.  This overproduction of oil can leave skin looking shiny and ‘greasy’. This means that a lot of people who have oily skin can identify their skin type through noticing that their makeup tends to slide off during the day, or become ‘sweaty’.  Those with oily skin may also have more obvious open pores - leaving them more prone to breakouts.  

If you have oily skin it is important to remember that however much you want to strip excess oil from the skin using harsh products such as deep cleansers - don’t!  Stripping your skin of excess oils will actually make it worse in the long run. Your skin will produce even more sebum as it will be trying to catch up and rebalance its hydration levels.  Instead use a gentle cleanser such as our Daily Detox Facial Wash.  This contains Moringa Peptides which cleans oily skin whilst calming breakouts!

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Is My Skin Combination?

Combination skin is a mixture of both dry and oily skin, typically with an oily t-zone (forehead and nose) and dry to normal cheeks and chin.  However you also have combination skin if your t-zone remains normal whilst your cheeks and chin are more dry.  

Having combination skin means that it can be hard to find a skincare routine that is easy to maintain.  This can be because you need different products for different areas of your face - mixing creams which are suitable for dry skin with creams that are suitable for oily skin.  Although it may sound like a chore, by adapting your skincare to suit your skin type it can help maintain moisture where you need it and help to mattify areas where you have it in excess, creating a more balanced complexion all around. 

If you have an oily t-zone then you could try a mattifying moisturiser such as our True Balance Lotion on your forehead and nose.  This will ensure that the area is still being fed the moisture and nutrients it needs whilst keeping shine to a minimum. If your cheeks and chin tend to be more dry then try our Daily Renew Facial Cream on those areas.  This contains Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil to lock moisture into the skin exactly where you need it the most.  

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Is My Skin Sensitive?

Sensitive skin if often a secondary skin type, for example you could have dry-sensitive skin or you may have oily-sensitive skin.  If you have sensitive skin then you may notice that your skin is more reactive to irritants. These can be things such as harsh ingredients in some skincare products, hot or cold weather, or even stress.  These factors could cause your skin to break out into a rash, become dry and itchy or even red and sore.  

Those with sensitive skin often find that they are more suited to using products made with natural ingredients.  These don’t contain harsh chemicals so the majority won’t be harmful to your skin. The best way to care for sensitive skin is to use natural cleansers and serums alongside a moisturiser that is designed for your primary skin type such as oily or dry.  We've created a bundle of Sensitive Skin Essentials to help keep your skin under control.

Although we do recommend that you introduce each new product one at a time so if you do have a reaction or irritation to one you know exactly which one it is.  

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If you’re still not quite sure what skin type you are then why not try our  free online consultation service!  Our expert team of artisans are on hand to make sure that you choose the right Evolve products and to also help you create the perfect regime for your skin!  

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