The Reign of Plastic is Coming to an End and Evolve is Leading the Change

The Reign of Plastic is Coming to an End and Evolve is Leading the Change

Contrary to what Barbie would have us believe, life in plastic is NOT so fantastic after all… Did you know that 360 million tonnes of the nasty stuff that pollutes the planet gets produced globally every year? That’s 11.4 tonnes a second. 

With 40% of it earmarked for packaging, it can be hard to get away from. But by partnering with refill companies and upgrading their product packaging to compostable grass paper alternatives, Evolve Beauty are taking a stand against the plastic problem that is drowning our oceans, destroying our air quality, and leaching harmful chemicals into our soils. 

That being said, oftentimes the lightweight versatility of plastic is required to make both shipping and storing products possible (and economical!). 

For this reason, brands like Evolve, which have an environmental conscience, opt for the use of recycled PET plastic: a fully recyclable material which doesn’t leach nasty chemicals into the products or soil, and that’s the ONLY type of plastic you’ll find in any of their packaging. 

PET Plastic

Is There an Alternative to Plastic? 

It’s no secret that plastic recycling rates are poor at best (we’re looking at you PVC). But glass? Well, that’s another story. In the U.K alone an impressive 69-75% of glass gets recycled. And even if it does end up in landfill — or worse, the ocean — unlike plastic, glass is inert so won’t release harmful substances, helping to lower its environmental impact even further. 

Reusable, refillable, and infinitely recyclable, glass is the perfect packaging alternative for a number of items. For personal care and household cleaning products, there’s another added advantage: glass is non-reactive so it won’t interfere with the chemical make-up of the product inside, ensuring its effectiveness is preserved.

With Evolve’s mission rooted in creating products in both a sustainable and ethical way, they already opt for glass packaging for many of their cult products, allowing you to enjoy the results you love without the environmental impact. Partnering with refill services, customer favourites like the multi award winning Hyaluronic Serum and Daily Detox Facial Wash can now also be found in refillable versions too. It’s just another step forward in Evolve’s mission to become a circular skincare brand. 

refillable skincare

What Are the Environmental Benefits of Refilling and Reusing? 

As a nation, our goal should be to prevent as much waste as possible from going to landfill, and with forward-thinking brands like Evolve, it’s becoming easier for the average consumer. Experts estimate that landfills could reach capacity as early as 2023, meaning time is running out to make a change. 

The environmental benefits of ditching plastic in favour of refillable and reusable packaging are clear: 

  • It cuts the item’s carbon impact by up to 50% more than recycling alone 
  • Saves on raw materials and energy needed to manufacture a replacement
  • Prevents further waste going to landfill (hurrah!) 
  • Eliminates the risk of plastic leaching (particularly important for anything you’d put in or on your body) 
  • Common reusable materials such as glass and aluminium are infinitely recyclable as and when the time comes to replace them 

As an added bonus, refillable and reusable products come in sleek glass bottles and jars and look much better than mounds of plastic cluttering the shower, sink, and cupboards. But as a fan of Evolve, you already know this! They’re also often more cost-effective than buying a complete replacement, so you can save the planet and your bank balance in one go! 

It’s time to make the switch.

Join the Refill Revolution 

If you’re looking to lower your environmental footprint and join the refill revolution then signing up for a refill service like  charrli is one of the easiest ways to do it. 

While it’s true that some larger supermarkets offer refill options, your choices are limited and it still doesn’t address the problem of plastic. For those without access to, or time to visit, an independent bulk/zero-waste store, a refill service is an easy and convenient solution. 

No need to worry about remembering your containers, running out of product when you need it most, or calculating the tare weight. A refill service delivers everything you need — from washing up liquid and shampoo to pantry items and skincare — directly to your door. Available as one-off deliveries or subscription services, once products are empty they get picked up with your next delivery, cleaned, sterilised, and refilled so the cycle can begin again. 

charrli partners with zero-waste stores around London to provide a carbon-free delivery for all your favourite household products from independent, sustainable brands — including Evolve! For the Londoners reading this, discover when they’re in your area and  start refilling today.

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