I can see fragrance on some of your ingredients lists. Is this natural?

Yes! We only use 100% natural fragrance or essential oil blends in our products. You can see which products have which types of fragrances on any of our collection pages.

Natural Fragrance Blend - natural fragrances are complex compositions of natural aromatic raw materials such as essential oils, isolates, extracts and volatile concentrates. As opposed to a whole essential oil found in a plant, these natural chemicals are physically isolated from natural compounds. On our ingredients list this is listed as parfum  

Essential oil blend - a blend of essential oils, physically extracted by steam or cold pressing from plants (almost always organically grown), not chemically altered from their natural state or derived with solvents. On our ingredient lists essential oils are listed separately with their inci names  

Are your products vegan?

Yes, all of our products are vegan! None of our products contains any animal-derived ingredients, honey or beeswax. We are truly vegan-friendly and certified with the Vegan Association.

Do you test on animals?

The short answer is no!

It is illegal in the UK and Europe to test finished products on animals and we don't do it. We have also not registered our products for sale in mainland China, as animal testing is required by local authorities.  

Some cosmetic ingredients, even natural ones, were animal tested many years ago.

We have now certified with Cruelty Free International (previously BUAV). Our cut off date beyond which we won't use any animal tested ingredients is 2005.

Is the tocopherol used in some of your products suitable for people with a soy allergy?

Unfortunately the tocopherol used in some of our products is not suitable for soy allergy sufferers as it is derived from soy. 

Are your products pregnancy-safe?

We have had all of our skincare products safety assessed as being safe for us in pregnancy.

We are in the process of having our body products safety checked to make sure they are safe in pregnancy.

Do you use palm oil?

We currently do not add palm oil as an ingredient in any of our products. However, some of the actives or functional ingredients we use are sometimes made from Palm Oil (some sucrose esters for example). We have checked and all of our suppliers are now using RSPO palm oil if they are using any palm oil.

Are your products suitable for someone with allergies?

Some of our products do contain allergens. You can find the full ingredients list of each product on every product page. If your allergy is not listed below please contact us directly and we can advise whether our products would be suitable.

Gluten - Our products are entirely gluten-free!
Soy - We use tocopherol in some of our products, which is soy-derived and therefore not suitable for soy allergy sufferers.
Nuts - We use two types of nut oils in some of our products: Macadamia Oil and Almond Oil. They can be found on our full ingredients list under the names Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil and Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil.


Can I return a product even if I have tried it?

We offer all customers a no quibble 90 day returns window if you are not happy with your order for any reason. Please contact us through our contact form and let us know your order number and the reason. We will send you out a returns form to send back with your order.

Can I still order from your website after Brexit?

If you're based in a country which is a part of the European Union (EU), fear not, as you will still be able to place orders through our website after Brexit (with a couple of exceptions)! Check out our delivery pages for more details

do you ship to my country?

We ship to most countries in the world from our studio in Hertfordshire, England. You can find out if we ship to your country and how much it would be by adding something to your shopping cart and then entering your details to calculate shipping. If your country isn't listed, we can't ship to it but we may have a distributor who can supply your product directly so contact us and we will put you in touch with them.

Why does it say my information is being transferred to the USA during checkout?

We use a website service called Shopify which has servers in the USA. Your information is securely held as detailed in our privacy policy.

I've entered the wrong delivery address

Please give us a call on 0333 987 5153 as soon as possible (Mon-Fri, 7am-4pm) and we will do our best to update this for you before your order is shipped.

Frequently asked question

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

My order has arrived broken or damaged

We're so sorry to hear that! Please contact us at support@evolvebeauty.co.uk and one of our lovely customer service representatives will be in touch shortly.

Frequently asked question

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

I've received the wrong product

We're so sorry to hear that! Please contact us at support@evolvebeauty.co.uk and one of our lovely customer service representatives will be in touch shortly.

My order hasn't arrived

We're so sorry to hear that your order hasn't arrived yet! Royal Mail can sometimes take 2-3 days for delivery and our international economy shipping option can sometimes take up to 4 weeks to arrive in some locations.

Please kindly wait until this time-frame has passed before contacting our customer service team. Please contact us at support@evolvebeauty.co.uk if this timeframe has passed and you have not received your parcel.

I forgot to add my gift note

Please give us a call on 0333 987 5153 as soon as possible (Mon-Fri, 7am-4pm) and we will do our best to pop this in for you before your order is shipped! We are always more than happy to include a free gift note! In future, you can just pop it in the notes box at checkout to ensure it’s placed in the box before the order is sent.


Can I get samples of your products?

We offer 3 free sachets with every order from our website.

How do I know which products will work for me?

If you want to know which of our products will work best on your skin then feel free to book a bespoke skincare consultation here

This new digital service offers free virtual one-to-one consultations with a skincare expert. We also offer a 15% discount code to anyone who uses our virtual consultation service, to use on the whole site. 

We also have a skin quiz which offers an automated routine builder in just 2-3 minutes.

You can also speak to our team to get advice at any time by emailing us at hello@evolvebeauty.co.uk, or by messaging us on any of our social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Can I join your tester panel?

We have a tester panel where customers can try products in development for free in return for honest feedback.

We refresh our panel every 12 months, usually in the Autumn. If you would like to know when we will next refresh our panel, please subscribe to our mailing list and we will let you know.


Adding a discount during a site-wide promotion

Unfortunately our offers cannot be used in conjunction with each other. Any discount codes will have to be used on a separate occasion if there is already a site-wide promotion/discount.

Can I get a discount?

We offer regular offers and promotions to enable as many people as possible to enjoy the Evolve range! Be sure to sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know about current offers.

Do you offer an NHS/Armed Forces discount?

We do indeed! We have paired up with Blue Light Card to offer an exclusive discount for the Emergency Services, NHS, social care sector and Armed Forces.

How do I apply my discount code?

On Desktop - When you click 'checkout' a new page will load, and on the right hand side a box will appear which will enable you to put your discount code in.

On Mobile - If you're on a phone or tablet, please just click the 'show order summary' dropdown at the top of the page, and that will load the discount box for you.


What do the numbers mean on my Evolve product packaging?

Every Evolve product comes with a batch number so that you can tell exactly when the product was made. This batch code can be broken down into two parts which are the year the product was made and the day within the year.

For example, if your batch code is 2032 your product was made in 2020 on the 32nd day.If your batch code is 9064, your product was made in 2019 on the 64th day.

What packaging do your products come in?

In order to be as eco-friendly as possible, all of our full and travel size products are packaged in glass bottles where it is safe to do so. For example, shower products such as our shampoo, conditioner, wash and lotion bottles are made of recycled, recyclable plastic bottles instead of glass in case they are dropped for health and safety reasons. All of our jars are also glass.

At present, all of our lids are made from plastic. We recognise this is not the most eco way of sending these out, are we're currently looking into some exciting alternatives, so watch this space! In the meantime, we have also introduced a pump free option for some of our products so customers can re-use their pumps from previous bottles and reduce their waste! This will eventually be rolled out for all of our pump-based products.

All of our full-sized products are encased in individual cardboard boxes (with the exception of washes, lotions, shampoo, conditioner, hand cleanser & pillow mist bottles).  All of our travel sizes will arrive wrapped in brown paper.

Can I return used bottles or jars to you?

This issue is very close to our heart and we have looked into it from various angles. We have unfortunately come to the conclusion that we are not able to re-use the jars from a hygienic perspective. We are not able to fill a cosmetic product into a component that has already been used (because of contamination potential). Our jars are made of recycled glass and we feel that it is more eco-friendly to save on the shipping and recycle locally.

What packaging will my order arrive in?

We send all of our products in cardboard boxes and use brown paper to protect our travel size products. In order to protect our products from damage during delivery, you may find your box is filled with white pellets. These are 100% biodegradable, made of corn starch and dissolve in water!

Do you offer refills and pump-free options?

We have recently introduced a pump-free option for some of our products so customers can re-use their pumps from previous bottles and reduce their waste! It's currently in a trial period so not available for all of the products, but we will eventually roll out options for all of our pump-based products.

Please note that the pump-free options are for customers who wish to reuse their pumps from previous bottles. If you're buying a product for the first time we recommend buying one with a pump, then going pumpless with future bottles.
Due to the consistency of some of our products, you may not be able to easily get product from the bottle without the aid of a pump.

Can I collaborate with you on Instagram / on my blog?

We do collaborate with influencers. Find out more on our creators page.

Do you have a different question?

Please get in touch and we will help you!