Introducing Our Brand New 360 Smoothing Body Contour

Introducing Our Brand New 360 Smoothing Body Contour

Learning to love your body can be hard at times, but we only have one. Think about the amazing things it does for you, all the places it has taken you and the lessons it has taught you. 

Don’t you think your body deserves a little treat? Our 360 Smoothing Body Contour is designed with your body in mind. Formulated with advanced natural ingredients to give your skin a targeted boost whilst improving elasticity, smoothness and hydration.

The journeys we embark on with our bodies are so important and self love isn’t something that comes easy to a lot of us. Our 360 Smoothing Body Contour was created with that in mind. It is here to help us nourish and care for our bodies, whilst perhaps helping you to love areas you may still be learning to.

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What Is Our 360 Smoothing Body Contour?

Our 360 Smoothing Body Contour is a firming and toning body cream. It is suitable to use all over the body and contains ingredients that not only help to firm and tone but also help to nourish and hydrate your skin.

Why Would I Use It?

If you are looking for a body cream that will help to care for your body whilst helping to firm and smooth, then our 360 Smoothing Body Contour is there for you. 

It is suitable for all skin types and can be used all over the body. Or, if perhaps you want to target specific areas then apply direct and enjoy some calm as you massage it in using large circular motions.

Who Would Use It?

As this product is 100% natural it is suitable for all skin types. But, as always, we would advise patch testing any new products around 24 hours before intended use. 

Although suitable for all skin types, this product contains highly hydrating ingredients like low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid, so would work really well on those who have dry skin or some dry patches.

How Do I Use It?

If you want to try our 360 Smoothing Body Contour then it is super easy to use. Just simply massage the cream in large circular motions where needed. You can use it on your whole body or just in areas that you may think need a targeted boost, whether that is your arms, legs, abdomen or bottom. We would recommend using twice a day, morning and evening, for best results.

smoothing body creamKey Ingredients

Our 360 Smoothing Body Contour is full of natural and organic ingredients, including:

Fruit AHA Blend - Our AHA blend is from fruit and it includes Glycolic Acid from sugar cane, Malic Acid from apples and Citric Acid from citrus fruit. AHAs help to bind water into the skin, deliver more oxygen and energy to the cells, boost collagen and hyaluronic acid production therefore enhancing general skin health and skin texture.

Peruvian Maca - Used for centuries by Peruvian tribes to boost energy and endurance, Maca stimulates cellular renewal. This sustainably sourced active promotes drainage by helping micro-circulation whilst improving skin firmness.

Pink Salt Lake Bioactive - Originating from Spain's pink salt lakes, this bioactive targets keratosis pilaris, making the skin feel smooth, soft and calm.

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Galactoarabian - Found in Larch Tree, this natural Polysaccharide helps to boost the effects of Glycolic Acid found in our fruit AHA blend, whilst possessing cell renewal, fine line reducing and hydrating properties.


What Makes It Different?

Smoothes and Softens Whilst Firming

Whilst the 360 Sculpting Body Contour firms skin, it also increases smoothness, leaving the skin firm but still hydrated and soft.  This is because the Natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) gently exfoliate the skin and boost cellular renewal, removing dead skin from the surface, making it smooth and soft.  

Calms Both Your Skin and Mind

Our artisanally blended 360 Smoothing Body Contour also works to calm your skin as it calms your mind as part of your home slow beauty spa experience. The Pink Salt Lake Bioactives from the Pink Salt Lakes in Spain have calming qualities as well as targeting keratosis pilaris.

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Can I Try A Sample?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer any samples at the moment. We are making the switch from our old sample pots to brand new fully recyclable sachets. In order to reduce our waste as much as possible we aren’t offering any samples until our sachets have arrived. We will of course let our customers know when our new sample sachets are here! 

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Where Can I Buy It?

You can buy our new 360 Smoothing Body Contour on our website! It is available in our full size 180ml jar for only £30, or in our smaller 30ml mini size for £11. Just click the image below and it will take you to the product page.

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