We’re over halfway through the summer hols, and for those who are parents, even the most patient of us can be feeling the stress of dealing with our little darlings.  

Even if you’re not a parent, changeable weather, packed travel and a frankly miserable news stream right now mean that lots of you are reporting feeling down and strained.

Never fear – whilst we can’t stop your kids squabbling, or solve world peace we CAN suggest some quick, effortless ways to take care of yourself no matter how busy you are:

  1. Smell something citrussy 

    citrus fruits

     Japanese study showed that smelling citrus for 10 minutes helped to boost participants’ moods for up to 30 minutes. Lemons, oranges and Yuzu’s all count

  2. DIY Acupressure

    acupressure massage

     Massaging key points on your body can release stress-easing hormones.  Try alternating pushing the point between your eyebrows, with the points highest under your cheekbones (directly where it lines up with your eyes) for instant relief.

  3. Brew it up 

    herbal tea

    A cup of tea does us all wonders but brewing your own can make it even more potent.  We love this quick and easy ‘Tranquil Tea’ recipe.

  4. Stretch it out

      Yoga is great for stress but you don’t have to look like a gym bunny and be able to twist your legs over your head to do it.  These quick poses should help – get the kids to do it too!

  5. Breathe deeply


      We know it sounds simple but very few of us breathe properly.  Stand (or sit) straight, then try to draw your breath into your tummy.  Breathe in for four, hold for two then release for four.  Repeating these ten times releases natural relaxation endorphins and you can do it wherever you are.

  6. Scrub-a-dub

      Stress can make us feel lethargic and drained.  Beat the slump with an aromatic body scrub (our Tropical Blossom Body Polish, £20 is idea).  Apply to dry skin, in circulation motions working in towards the heart for best results.

  7. Have a clear out

    organised pile

      You know that junk drawer you always mean to arrange?  Well doing so will reset your mental patterns, leaving you feeling more organised and able to manage – get to it!

  8. Laugh

    dog laughing

     Yes it sounds silly but laughter again releases our natural Endorphins so get out and do or watch something daft for an instant lift!

    How do you stay cool, calm and collected in Summer?  We would love to hear your tips!