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Healthy Mind

Work-Life Balance When the Lines are Blurred

November 10, 2020

With new restrictions making working from home begin to feel like the new normal it can be difficult to switch off, but here are some simple steps you can take to re-establish a healthy work-life balance.
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How You Can Grow A Core Of Calm

November 03, 2020

When we feel overwhelmed or stressed it can be easy to give into those negative emotions...but we are a lot stronger than we think. Here are some steps that you can take towards building resilience and growing a core of calm, strength and happiness.
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Creating A Joyful Environment, Wherever You Are

November 03, 2020

A lot of us are currently spending a lot more time at home, and being stuck in the same place can be challenging. But here is how you can create a joyful environment, no matter where you are, with just a few simple steps.
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What Are You Feeding Your Soul?

October 26, 2020

We have put together some small ways that the Evolve team are staying positive through difficult time this year. From relaxing evening rituals to taking time out to enjoy nature - here are some of the ways we are feeding our souls and making them smile.
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Little Tips to Help Your Mental Health

April 29, 2020

At times when everything is changing it can be difficult to stay in control of how you're feeling. Here are some small things you can do to help your mental health.

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The Benefits of Meditation

November 09, 2018

Meditation is thought to have many benefits including supporting our emotional well being, helping us to cope with stress and enhancing our mood. Meditation works through repetition to quieten the mind.

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