Nature That Nurtures - Keeping Your Skincare Safe For You And The Planet

What doesn’t go into your skincare is just as important as what does.

There are a wide number of chemicals used in the beauty industry that could potentially have a disruptive effect on our bodies or the environment, but we are proud to say that we avoid all known questionable or harmful ingredients and processes as part of our COSMOS certification to keep our environment, oceans and customers as healthy as possible.  

What Not To Wear In Skincare

Skincare ingredients can be comprehensive and confusing, but there are certain things that should be avoided for the benefit of both your skin and the planet. We’ve never used, and will never use plastic microbeads in our products, rather we use upcycled particles from coconut shells and organic sugar grains instead.

Upcycled Coconut shells

Another thing we make sure to avoid is synthetic sunscreens in our products. These can damage aquatic life, so we’ve used the mineral based zinc oxide instead. 

Sustainability Report 2020

COSMOS Certified Skincare

Our COSMOS certification is an independent verification of the purity of our products. All of our formulas are screened for questionable and harmful ingredients, pollutants, synthetics, genetically modified organisms, nanoparticles and harmful chemical processes. We have already achieved COSMOS Organic certification for 25 of our products and COSMOS Natural certification for 7 of our products

The journey doesn’t end there though, as we will be looking to certify 95%+ of our products with either COSMOS Organic or COSMOS Natural by 2023

Planet Proud

We pride ourselves on caring for our planet, and that’s why we will be continuing to use organic ingredients wherever possible to reduce the use of harmful chemicals within fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides that are used to grow our ingredients. 

We are always looking for new ways to clean up what we do, so keep your eyes peeled for more exciting updates.

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Sustainability Report 2020