We're The UK's First Plastic Negative Beauty Brand

Thanks to our partnership with rePurpose Global, we are now contributing to the removal of twice as much plastic from the environment as we use in our packaging and shipping, making us the first  Plastic Negative beauty brand in the UK

Plastic Negative Products

This means that every product purchased with Evolve Organic Beauty will now carry a  Plastic Negative Footprint. 

The Problem With Plastic

Plastic is a useful material because it is durable, unbreakable and light to transport. However if it ends up in landfill and is not recycled, it can be harmful to the environment. 60% of our components already contain some recycled content, and all of our plastic bottles are also recyclable, but our pumps cannot be recycled in household waste because they contain metal components, and they cannot be made of recycled material because they contain precision parts that need to fit together very exactly to work properly, making them a single use item. 

Evolve Organic Beauty Sustainability

As well as making sure all of our plastic components can be recycled, we want to make sure they actually are recycled. 50% of Brits don’t recycle their bathroom waste products such as shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bottles simply because it’s inconvenient. This equates to 2.7 billion plastic bottles hitting our landfills every year. 

Sustainability Report 2020


We have several initiative to reduce our waste. 100% of our glass packaging, plastic bottles & lids and paper cartons are recyclable. 60% of our packaging already contains recycled content. We’re inviting our customers to reuse their plastic pumps in our Dump The Pump campaign to save on single use plastic. However we would like to do more to reduce our plastic footprint. 

We are continually making progress, but progress takes time so we wanted a solution that would enable us to have a positive impact on plastic waste in the interim. 

Why Plastic Negative Is A Positive

Our Plastic Negative accreditation means that we are taking out twice as much plastic from the environment as we introduce to it. 

This means that by shopping with Evolve, you’ll be actively helping to remove plastic waste from the environment.

We will be helping to fund our rePurpose Global partner, CARPE India and impacting on a project that is focussing on multi-layer plastic packaging recovery in Aurangabad, India with the goal of removing as much multi-layer plastic packaging from the environment as possible

Plastic Negative Work In India

The organisation is focussed on ethically collecting and disposing of hazardous MLP (Multi-laminate plastic) waste. This type of plastic is virtually indestructible and accounts for 53% of the plastic waste in Indian cities. If it is left uncollected, it will remain in oversaturated landfills for hundreds of years, or eventually leak into the oceans where it will break down into microplastic and be ingested by marine wildlife. 

Plastic Negative Statistics Evolve Organic Beauty

How Does It Work? 

Here's a simple breakdown of how our partnership with rePurpose Global will work:

How We Work With rePurpose Global - Evolve Organic Beauty Plastic Negative


How We Are Continuing Our Journey To Zero Waste

We are constantly Evolving the way we do things and that’s why although we are delighted to be able to rebalance our plastic footprint, this is not the end of our journey to Zero waste. 

Our development team is constantly looking for ways to improve our packaging and ensure we are less reliant on plastics. This year we are planning to: 

  • Expand our pumpless product range
  • Offer plastic free refills on products 
  • Switch even more of our packaging to contain recycled content
  • Work on recycling schemes with both our customers and retail partners

We want to tackle the issue of single use plastic waste head on, and although we can’t change everything immediately, going Plastic Negative is a huge step in the right direction.

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