Why Waste Waste - How We Are Going To Become Circular

The beauty industry moves fast, but with more haste comes more waste and this is one beauty trend that is certainly not sustainable.

We’ve set an ambitious goal to reduce all of our waste to zero and become circular as a business. This means that we want to maximise the value of everything we make and minimise the waste we produce. We’re well on our way to achieving this being the UK’s First Plastic Negative Beauty Company, but we know there is plenty more to do. 

Cleaning Up Our Waste Problem

95% of beauty packaging is thrown out after just one use, and this is a statistics we want to change here at Evolve. We have a plan to reduce the waste produced by our products, and it is already in action.

Evolve Beauty Plastic Waste

Plastic Is Everywhere

Plastic is something that is very hard to avoid in the beauty industry. It helps us to ensure the longevity of our products, reduce spillages and wastage during transport and presents a safe solution when glass isn’t a viable option (for shower or bath products). 

However these reasons are not strong enough for plastic to play a long-term role in our industry. Whilst some plastic can be recycled, a large amount of it is sent to landfill to slowly break down over hundreds of years, eventually creating micro plastics that seep into our oceans and other natural environments. This is why we are starting the change now. 

Sustainability Report 2020

Why Plastic Negative Is A Positive

We know that the plastic we create does have an impact on the environment, and that’s why we’ve decided to take ownership of this issue and become the UK’s First Plastic Negative Beauty Company. 

UK's First Plastic Negative Company

Working alongside our partners at rePurpose Global and CARPE, we will be removing 10,680kgs of plastic from the environment this year, which is 2x as much as we produce.

We’re Not Wasting Time

In order to continue our progressions towards becoming a circular business, there are things we do to minimise the levels of waste we produce.

Evolve Organic Beauty Zero Waste Commitments

Evolve Beauty Zero Waste Commitments

Working in our eco-studio and hand making products also enables us to produce less waste. Because we produce our products in small batches, it means that we never have to send unused products to landfill. Everything we make gets sold or used, and even short shelf life items get a second chance at life in our outlet store. 

We’re well on our way to becoming a circular brand, with 60% of our packaging containing recyclable materials and 100% of our glass packaging, plastic bottles and lids and paper cartons are recyclable. 

The only thing that can’t be recycled in your household waste at present is our pumps, and that’s why we create our Dump The Pump campaign to encourage customers to reuse the pumps on their products again, and again and again. 

These small steps all add up to make a big difference, so join us in acting now.

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Sustainability Report 2020