The Benefits of Argan Oil

The Benefits of Argan Oil

Argan Oil has become a cult beauty product after being used within the industry for years.  The oil itself has many benefits including its numerous nourishing properties for everywhere from the skin to hair. 

Containing ingredients such as Vitamin E it is known for its healing qualities, being used to repair and rejuvenate.  It is even used to protect against sun damage in its native Morocco. 

Due to its mid-weight formula ensuring its not too heavy nor too light, Argan Oil is suitable for absolutely all skin types, but this post should help you be sure that it's the right product for you and your routine.

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  • What is Argan Oil?
  • How does Argan Oil work?
  • How long does it take Argan Oil to work?
  • Does the use of Argan Oil have any side effects?
  • Which skin types is Argan Oil suitable for?
  • How do I use Argan Oil on my hair?
  • How does Argan Oil compare to other oils?
  • How do I incorporate Argan Oil into my routine?
  • Argan Oil for me?

  • What is Argan Oil?

    Argan oil is a natural plant oil derived from the Argan tree, native to Morocco.  In Morocco, it is eaten with bread and salads because of its health benefits, but it is just as good for the outside of you as it is for the inside.  

    What Does It Do?

    Although smothering yourself in oil on a regular basis may not sound the most appealing, it does have a lot of qualities that do. 

    Argan Oil is thought to reduce skin damage due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capacities, and is also believed to promote hydration in your skin and leaving your hair super healthy and glossy.

    How Does Argan Oil Work?

    Argan Oil can be applied directly onto skin and hair to feel the amazing benefits of this ‘miracle seed’.  It is composed mostly of fatty acids as well as phenolic compounds. Whilst that may sound a bit confusing, it’s really simple to break down.

    Fatty Acids

    Argan Oil itself has a very high fatty acid content, with the majority coming from Oleic and Linoleic Acid. Again, this sounds a lot more confusing than it actually is, and you’re probably already familiar with them without even realising.  

    Avocado Oil

    Over a third of the acid content is from Linoleic Acid, which is also known as Omega-6. Meanwhile, just under 50% of Argan Oil’s fatty acid content comes from Oleic Acid, which can be found in more familiar items such as olive oil and avocado and is known for its positive effects on heart health.

    These fatty acids allow Argan Oil to be used to maintain healthy hair and skin. It can improve the moisture content in skin, leaving dry or tired skin feeling much more hydrated. This can also improve the skin’s elasticity helping the anti-ageing process.

    Our Nourishing Hair Elixir

     We use organic Argan Oil in our Nourishing Hair Elixir and Daily Renew Facial Cream. Our Hair Elixir can be used to help restore moisture to dry hair. It is easily absorbed and leaves hair protected from further damages. Our Daily Renew Facial Cream uses organic Argan Oil to help repair damaged skin and improve elasticity - leaving the skin feeling soft and plumped.

    Our Daily Renew Facial Cream

    Antioxidants and Anti-inflammatories 

    The Vitamin E content in Argan Oil allows it to be a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.  This is believed to help prevent and reduce stretch marks and scarring on the skin.  

    Does Argan Oil Help Acne? 

    Argan Oil can also be used to help acne and breakouts.  This again is due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capacities, as they are thought to reduce the redness and irritation that acne can cause skin.  

    Does Argan Oil Really Work?

    Moroccan Argan Oil is a wonderful multi-purpose oil that can help a variety of beauty concerns. So, we think it really does work! 

    Keep reading to find out how Argan Oil can work for different skin types.

    How Long Does it Take Argan Oil to Work?

    Depending on why you are using Argan Oil, it can take a varying number of uses before seeing a result, although results can usually be seen after around four weeks of continuous use. 

    We would recommend using Argan Oil twice a day in products such as our True Balance Lotion in the morning, and in a deeper treatment such as our Miracle Facial Oil of an evening.  

    Our True Balance Lotion is a mattifying moisturiser for balanced skin.
    Our Miracle Facial Oil is a 100% natural facial oil.
    Our True Balance Lotion

    True Balance Lotion - £24

    Miracle Facial Oil

    Miracle Facial Oil - £30

    Does The Use of Argan Oil Have Any Side Effects?

    Yes, we know we keep talking about all the fantastic reasons to use Argan Oil but there can be some side effects for people to be aware of.  You may be wondering "can Argan Oil causes acne?" and "is Argan Oil suitable for my skin type?".

    Argan Oil is generally recommended safe for anyone to use.  However, if you have a tree nut allergy then it may cause some irritation for your skin.  Argan Oil itself comes from a stone fruit so does not technically fall under the bracket of nuts, but it may aggravate those with nut allergies.  

    In order to use Argan Oil safely and experience all its benefits, we would recommend you do a patch test on your skin 24 hours before you plan to initially use the product.  This way you can be sure that no irritation or reaction has occurred.

    Which Skin Types is Argan Oil Suitable For?

    Argan Oil is suitable for all skin types.  Due to its mid weight formula the oil is not too heavy on the skin and is easily absorbed. Read on to find out the benefits of Argan oil on different skin types. 

    Argan Oil

    How Will Argan Oil Benefit Oily Skin?

    Some people with oily skin may be scared that applying more oil onto their skin will make it worse.  However, when it comes to this little oil that’s not the case. Thanks to Argan Oil’s sebum-reducing properties, it can help unclog pores and reduce oiliness in the skin.   

    How Will Argan Oil Benefit Normal/Dry Skin?

    If you tend to have dryer or normal skin then Argan Oil is great to use for its moisturising qualities. Due to the vast amount of Vitamin E the oil contains, it can improve water retention in your skin and promote hydration, leaving skin feeling less dry and more plump and healthy.  

    How Do I Use Argan Oil On My Hair?

    Argan Oil is an amazing treatment for both your hair and scalp.  The high amounts of Vitamin E in the oil is believed to help you grow strong and healthy hair. This is because the antioxidants found in the Vitamin E can boost cells and encourage more hair growth.  

    How Do I Use Argan Oil On My Hair?

    The fatty acids in Argan Oil can also help to moisturise your scalp, helping to defeat dandruff and itchy dryness in that area.

    Using Argan Oil on your hair is simple.  You can use it in products such as our Nourishing Hair Elixir - just simply use 3-4 drops in your hands and run through the mid lengths to ends of your hair.  The best thing is you can use this on both wet and dry hair, whichever is best for you.

    This is great for taming frizz and fly-away hairs but also nourishing split ends and building stronger, healthier locks.

    How Does Argan Oil Compare to Other Oils?

    All face and body oils have different qualities, absorption rates and various formulations to take note of.  

    Some oils are recommended for use specifically on a certain type of skin.  For oily skin there are oils such as Castor Oil which is used ultimately to decrease oil in acne-prone skin.  On the other hand, Coconut Oil is recommended for very dry skin as it is an incredibly rich moisturiser.

    Coconut Oil

    This is why Argan Oil is so popular within the beauty market.  It can be used on every skin type as its combination of Omega Fatty Acids, Vitamin E and Linoleic Acids work together to moisturise, soften dry patches and reduce redness.  

    How Do I Incorporate Argan Oil Into My Routine?

    We have made it really easy for you to incorporate Argan Oil and all of its skin and hair benefits into your daily routine.  From daily moisturisers to skin and hair serums, there is something for anyone's routine in our collection.  

    Incorporating Argan products into your daily routine can leave you with more hydrated, plumped skin as well as helping any irritation or problem areas such as stretch marks or acne.

    So...Is Argan Oil For Me?

    Now that we’ve told you everything there is to know about Argan Oil, it’s time to decide if this is the ingredient for you.

    If you want skin that is hydrated and plumped, hair that is glossy and healthy and any irritation or break outs to be reduced and calmed, then yes, Argan Oil is for you.

    It’s an ingredient that can be found in so many products for optimal easy use, is suitable for absolutely everyone and is completely natural.  What’s not to love about it?

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