Diversity and Inclusion

It is part of our DNA as a company that we strive to do the right thing in every area of business, from the way that we design and make our products to the way that we treat our customers, our team and our suppliers.

As a small company, many of our systems and processes are informal but we are in the process of putting in place a comprehensive ethics and values policy, in consultation with our entire team. We are very open to suggestions about how we can keep working in this area so feel free to email us with any suggestions or further questions. 


We have an amazing team of over 30 talented people from many different backgrounds and cultures around the world, mostly female. We currently employ people from 11 different countries as well as people from different ethnicities, different ages and different lifestyles and beliefs.  

We are still quite a small company and we recruit locally from the Hertfordshire area so our ethnicity mix reflects the local demographic mix. 


We strongly believe that people should be recruited, treated and rewarded because of who they are and not because they look or act a certain way. We are building a team of amazing, talented and committed people. 

We strive to recruit purely based on candidates' fitness for the job we are recruiting for. We are looking for ways to make this process completely blinded so there is no possibility of any selection bias based on unconscious prejudices. 

Positive discrimination is generally unlawful in the UK under the equality act. We are committed to recruit and retain our team based on talent rather than based on personal characteristics. It is important to note the differences between positive discrimination and positive action. Positive action ensures that measures are taken in workplaces that support the recruitment and promotion of underrepresented minorities.  You can learn more about both positive discrimination and positive action  here.

Our comprehensive review process clearly sets out the criteria for success in each role in our company. Candidates are objectively measured against these criteria in their quarterly reviews. 

Our company handbook clearly sets out our expectations about how people should treat each other in our company. We want everyone to treat each other with respect for individual differences. Our culture is friendly and inclusive and we value both individual contributions and team interactions. 


As a company that creates products and media content, we are also responsible for ensuring that what we create helps to contribute to a diverse and inclusive environment for everyone. With their gender neutral packaging, our products are suitable for all gender orientations, all ethnicities and all skin and hair types. 

We have a range of 6 hair care products which are suitable for normal and dry hair. Some of our balms and oils such as the nourishing hair elixir and the tropical blossom body butter can also be used in very dry or fragile hair and our nourishing hair elixir can be used as a beard oil. 

In the content we create for our website and on our social media channels, we are careful to include a diverse range of skin tones. When we work with social media influencers, we operate on a gifting basis with influencers who get in touch via our social channels or on our website rather than running paid social campaigns so we are partly dependent on the influencers’ desire to work with us. We have worked with influencers from a diverse range of ethnicities but we would love to work with a higher proportion of Black and POC influencers so please reach out and let us know if you would like to work with us!

In terms of our charitable donations, we are a company focusing on sustainability and wellness and our donation strategy reflects that. We work with projects that both promote sustainability and support workers in developing countries, both in India with Repurpose Global as part of our plastic offsetting and in Indonesia with Earthly as part of our carbon offsetting. We have recently donated over £34K to the NHS and key workers in terms of both money and products. We have made smaller donations to support other causes such as to promote diversity and inclusion as well as supporting local community initiatives when we are approached to do so. 

All the best,