Our Unsung Heroes

Our Unsung Heroes

We want to dedicate this weekend to celebrating our unsung heroes. These are the people who have kept us going through the last few months. 

From the busy parents who are juggling a new lifestyle whilst becoming at home teachers overnight, to those who have continued to work in shops and supermarkets making sure that we are safe whilst getting the supplies we need, we want to show you some love and say thank you. 

There are so many of you out there that deserve some recognition, so we want to help. We want to hear stories from you about our own unsung heroes. Those people in your life who might not know just how amazing they are, or the impact of what they are doing.

So we have created a wall on our website to show off all of your own heroes and say thank you, which you can visit  here! We’re also giving away 5 skin care packages to nominated heroes. All you have to do is tell us your story of how amazing they are and your hero will be entered into a draw to win one!

Our Unsung Heroes

At Evolve we have been working extra hard to make sure that you could still enjoy our products no matter what. So, we would like to give a huge thank you to our amazing product artisans who have been creating your products, picking and packing them for you to enjoy. 

We have been able to pull together and even launch some new exciting products during this time, like our Bio Retinol Gold Mask! This took a lot of teamwork and communication from those working at home in different towns and cities to our product artisans in our warehouse, but we pulled together and worked as a family to bring you the best products we could. We can’t talk about each individual member of our team, but we are so grateful for everyone's help. Here are a few examples of how hard everyone has been working.

Vicky has helped to oversee the creation of new products like our Bio Retinol Gold Mask and our 360 Smoothing Body Contour and has helped to create thousands of products just for you. Mixing all of our natural and organic ingredients into bulk ready for them to be poured into each of their own jars and bottles.

Kruti has been just one of the many artisans who carefully house each formula into their jars or bottles. This means that over the last few months each artisan has helped to bring thousands of products together, hand making every single item, and making sure the quality of each item is perfect before it is packaged.

Anna has been part of the team who has packaged and shipped all of these orders out to you at home. These orders include nearly 7,000 of full size Bio Retinol Gold Masks! Anna helps to package your orders and make sure they’re secure and arrive safely for you to enjoy!

In just three short months our product artisans have made almost 800kg of our Bio Retinol Gold Mask alone, whilst still making all of your other favourite Evolve products!

But more than anything their dedication and patience as a team have amazed us all. So we want to say a huge thank you.

Our Operations Coordinator Leanne says, “In regards to the team, they have been out of this world amazing...They have shipped more orders than we ever have done and they have solved more problems than one should have to.” She went on to say that “our ability to work together as a team has never been stronger, people have stepped up and taking on roles that they wouldn't usually do” and that “having the support of everyone else working from home has also been so helpful and personally I believe this has brought us all so much more closer.”

How You Can Nominate Your Unsung Heroes

Do you have an Unsung Hero who deserves a place on the wall and a chance to win a skin care package? Fill in our form, tell their story, and they will be entered to have a chance to win one of 5 skin care bundles! Just follow the link  here to tell us about your  unsung hero.

If you want some inspiration then here are some of our own personal stories!

"I would like to thank my choir leader Helen. Throughout lockdown she has worked her socks off to try and find innovative ways to hold rehearsals via Zoom making sure that no one gets left out and knows how to use the system.  Through this I have been able to stay in touch with my friends and  this has enabled all of us to support one another through this strange and frightening time." 

Sarah H, Sales Coordinator at Evolve

"I would like to say thank you so much to the teachers at my son’s school, particularly his form teacher Tanya. They worked super hard during lock down devising school work that could be done online and in the past few weeks they have managed to bring all of the children in the entire Junior school back to physical school. They have worked so hard to make the last few weeks of Junior school special for all of the children leaving the school this month." 

Laura, Founder of Evolve

"I would love to give my friend Mauri a huge shout out for working on the shop floor of a busy organic grocer throughout the pandemic. He would travel via public transport for over an hour to make sure that hundreds of customers could buy food for themselves and their family every day. Thank you Mauri and thank you to all the other brave supermarket workers who kept the nation going in such dark times. You rock!"

Chiara, Business Development Manager at Evolve

T&C's for the Evolve Unsung Hero Wall

Please note that by submitting your story you are granting Evolve Organic Beauty permission to publish the story on our Unsung Hero Wall and in our marketing materials. We will only publish the first names of both you and your nominee in our stories.

We have 5 skin care bundles to give away to entrants to our Unsung Heroes Wall. We will select 5 winners based upon the stories submitted, and this will be judged by an Evolve panel. We will contact the person who has submitted the story in order to get the details of the 'Unsung Hero'.

We reserve the right to alter the content of our skin care packages based upon stock levels. We also reserve the right to close entries to this giveaway at a time of our choosing, or when the criteria has been met.