Finding the Right Cleanser for Your Skin Type: How To Know What Your Skin Needs

Finding the Right Cleanser for Your Skin Type: How To Know What Your Skin Needs

Are you using a cleanser in your skincare routine? Is it the right cleanser for you and your skin? How do you know?

Cleansers are a key first step in any skin care routine. They help remove dirt, sweat, and oil from the skin while also providing other benefits such as restoring natural pH balance and soothing irritation. With so many cleansers available on the market today, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your specific needs.


What Do Cleansers Do?

Cleansers are such an important step in any skincare routine because they effectively remove dirt, dead skin cells, bacteria, and excess oils from the skin. When these impurities build up on the skin over time, it can lead to clogged pores, breakouts, and other skin irritations. Cleansers help keep your pores clear by removing dirt and oils that can become trapped in them over time. This is done through a combination of surfactants, which are molecules that act like tiny brushes to dislodge and break down dirt, oils, and other debris. Our products use only natural surfactants to better help and improve your skin's health combined with natural and organic ingredients to give your skin the best care. The surfactants will also help keep your skin from drying out after use, this also helps when it comes to skin hydration.

The ingredients used in skincare can greatly effect how the product reacts to your skin and sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly what those ingredients are and what they do. We always aim to use only natural and organic ingredients that are going to give you the results you want, without damaging your skin with harsh synthetic ingredients - and our cleansers are no different.

 Evolve Organic Beauty Cleanser Collection

Knowing what each cleanser does is vital to knowing how it will effect your skin.


Which Is The Right Cleanser For Me? And Why Does It Matter?


Finding the right cleanser to suit your skin can be a little daunting and even overwhelming with the number of products available and all the variations in textures.

With so many different types of cleansers on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is best for you and your specific needs. The key to finding the right cleanser is understanding your skin type and what it needs. Different skin types have different needs, so it’s important to find a cleanser that works with yours specifically. For example, if you have oily skin, you may need a cleanser that helps remove or prevent excess oil without stripping away all of the natural oils your skin needs. On the other hand, if you have dry or sensitive skin then using an oil-based cleanser can help add moisture back into your complexion and help nourish and soothe your skin. Doing some research before selecting a product will ensure you get the most out of each cleansing session.

However, if you are still feeling a bit lost or stuck then take our free skin quiz and receive a personalised routine to suit your skin type and needs!


Evolve BEautys Enzyme + Vitamin C Cleanser

Our colour changing Enzyme + Vitamin C Cleanser Powder works to brighten and protect skin while reducing irritation.


Choosing the right cleanser is essential for keeping your skin clean, clear, and healthy. Using a cleanser that is too harsh can strip away the natural oils your skin needs, resulting in dryness or irritation. On the other hand, using gentle cleansers that aren't strong enough won’t be effective in removing dirt and debris from your skin, leaving it vulnerable to breakouts. Knowing your skin type and the specific needs of that type is the key to finding the best cleanser for you. With just a bit of research, you can find the perfect product for your individual needs!


Which Products Should I Use For My Skin Type?


For Normal/ Combination Skin/ All Skin Types

Kalahari Dream Cleansing Oil

A complete cleansing dream. Our beautiful blush-pink lightweight facial cleansing oil effectively cleanses the skin without leaving an oily residue. It removes make up in a flash while gently nourishing the skin. Its delicious fruity scent and pale pink hue make it a perfect fuss-free deep cleanser for every day use. One of our key ingredients, the Kalahari Melon Seed Oil is sustainably sourced and rich in Omega 3, it is incredibly beneficial and is one of the most sustainable cosmetic oils on the market. As the only plant able to grow in the Kalahari Desert it is well versedi n hydration, regeneration and protection, qualities we utilise in our body oil.

How To Use: Apply a small amount to a dry face and neck. Massage onto your skin, emulsify with water to melt away makeup, taking care when applying around the eye area.

Thoroughly rinse, using a face cloth if necessary, and pat dry to reveal nourished skin.

Evolve Beauty Kalahari Dream Cleanser powder


For Normal/ Dry Skin

Gentle Cleansing Melt

This luxurious certified COSMOS Organic cleansing balm contains nourishing organic Baobab oil that soothes and hydrates, while effectively cleansing skin and melting away makeup at the end of the day. Natural sugar extracts gently combine with water to turn into a creamy milk that rinses away clean, leaving skin cleansed, calm and hydrated.

How To Use: Massage the cleansing balm into skin to melt away makeup and cleanse skin. Rinse face with warm water to transform the cleansing balm into a rich creamy milk. Wash away the remaining cleansing melt and gently pat dry to reveal soothed, glowing, cleansed skin.

Gentle Cleansing Melt

 Our Gentle Cleansing Melt is suitable for Normal/ Dry skin - £25


For Combination/ Oily and Blemish Prone Skin

Daily Detox Facial Wash

This is a delicately foaming facial wash to detoxify and rebalance normal to combination skin. Natural sugars cleanse away impurities and Organic Aloe Vera softens, leaving skin clean, smooth and supple. Natural Goji Berry extract and Moringa Peptides defend against pollution. Fragranced with fresh natural aloe vera fragrance.

How To Use: Apply a small amount of face wash to a damp face and neck. Massage the wash into your skin, taking care when applying the cleanser to the eye area.

Rinse and pat dry.

evolve beauty daily detox facial wash



For All Skin Types

Deep Clean Micellar Water

An organic micellar cleansing water and natural makeup remover designed to gently cleanse and tone your skin without irritation by using micellar molecules. With Moringa Peptides to help remove micro particles of pollution from skin, Hyaluronic Acid to lock in hydration and plump up fine lines, and Organic Pomegranate Seed extract packed with antioxidants, to leave skin sparklingly clean, clear and glowing.

How To Use: Apply three pumps onto a reusable cotton or bamboo pad. Gently wipe over your face and neck to remove makeup and impurities. No need to rinse... just enjoy the feeling of instantly cleansed, toned and hydrated skin.

Deep Clean Micellar Water

Our Deep Clean Micellar Water is suitable for all skin types - £20


Enzyme + Vitamin C Cleanser Powder

Cleanse your skin and boost radiance with our innovative waterless Vitamin C powder cleanser. Watch this beautiful exfoliating cleanser turn from pink to orange on contact with water as it gently cleanses skin to reveal an instantly brighter complexion. 

Formulated with Chicory-based Prebiotics to support the skin microbiota in purifying the skin from excess bacteria and strengthening the skin barrier while nourishing it, and Papaya enzymes and stable Vitamin C to brighten dull skin. 

Fragranced with zesty organic lime and sweet orange essential oils.

How To Use: Scoop the perfect amount of cleanser powder into your palm using your included Evolve Organic Beauty spatula. Mix with a few drops of warm water and massage the transformed mixture into your skin. 

Rinse away to reveal glowing skin, use a muslin cloth if needed.

Enzyme + Vitamin C Cleanser Powder


Incorporating Cleansers Into Daily Routines

Including cleansers into your daily skincare routine will help ensure you are left with clear and clean skin. This will inevitably help improve the results of any other products and help them to do their best by cleansing the skin's barrier layer and making sure each step of your skincare routine is able to be fully effective. For people with more sensitive skin, a gentle hydrating cleanser will greatly improve the quality of your skin and how well your other products react and work. A good facial cleanser is the key to a great skincare routine.