How To Have A Spa Day At Home

How To Have A Spa Day At Home

Do you ever have days when you feel like you need a bit of a pick me up? Or maybe you want to show yourself a bit of extra love and attention? Why not give yourself a pamper day.

Giving yourself a pamper day doesn’t mean that you have to venture out to an expensive spa, you can recreate a spa experience at home! In this blog we’ll teach you how to have a spa day at home and indulge yourself in some easy treatments that you can do wherever and whenever you want!

So without further ado, here are our top tips on how to have a relaxing spa day at home!  how to have an at home spa day

Indulge All Of Your Senses

The thing that makes spa experiences especially memorable and luxurious is that all 5 of our senses are usually indulged. So why not replicate this at home?


Low lighting is normally the go-to when it comes to a spa environment. To easily recreate this at home try using your favourite candles as your light source. Some light sources can make us feel more awake and much less relaxed, like blue light. This is the type of light emitted from your electronic devices such as phones, televisions and computers. Blue light suppresses the production of melatonin and makes it much harder to relax and fall asleep, which is why we are often told to avoid these devices before bed.

However, the soft light that candles create helps to put us in a calm and relaxed state.  This is because the low light that comes from a candle is captured by our sight and sent straight to our brain for processing. So, because of our associations with candlelight, our bodies begin to relax. at home spa


The scent of a spa is perhaps the most relaxing scent of all. Although you may think that it would be a difficult one to recreate, what exactly makes up that scent that immediately relaxes and calms us?

There is a lot of research that shows what scents make you feel most calm, for example citrus scents such as lemon help to improve our concentration and have calming properties, and floral scents like lavender canhelp reduce emotional stress and calm nerves.

Why not try our very own Serenity Candle? Our soy wax candle has been expertly blended with delicately floral, citrus and vanilla notes. This natural fragrance is set to de-stress and calm your mind, helping you drift off into a world of tranquility.  So why not light your Serenity Candle and feel the delicate scent and candle light calm you instantly! If you don’t have our candle you could recreate the smell with your favourite essential oils instead.

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This is completely up to you, you might want to treat yourself to some quiet time, or maybe you want to catch up on some podcasts whilst you pamper. A lot of spas however use soothing instrumental music to make you feel relaxed. Some lyrical music can trigger memories that will subconsciously heighten your stress levels, or simply just distract you from being completely relaxed.


Taste is something that perhaps you might not associate with going to a spa, but they usually offer you some kind of refreshment that you can recreate at home to give yourself the full experience. If you are after something refreshing then why not make your own cucumber water? Slice some cucumber ribbons and place in a large jug. Then fill with water and cover, leaving it to infuse in the fridge overnight. When it comes to serving just fill your favourite glass and add some ice, lemon and mint if you want to. Delicious, packed with vitamins and very refreshing.

how to have a spa day at home


Touch is perhaps the most important because it will ensure that you are comfortable during your experience. Make sure you can clean towels and a clean robe ready for before, during and after you’ve pamper session. You could even leave them on a heater to give them that warm fluffy towel feel that you get in a spa. 

Make sure that your room is the right temperature for your ultimate comfort so you can get the most out of your experience.


Use Your Favourite Products

You might have a few favourite products that always leave you feeling your best, why not use them all and feel amazing?

To gain the ultimate at home spa experience it is important to indulge all areas of yourself from your hair, to your face, body and even your nails. So pick your favourites for each category and set them up ready to use.

This doesn’t mean that you have to have a whole host of treatments available, just one for each is enough - it ultimately depends on how simple you want your at home spa night to be!

A great collection of products that is guaranteed to make for a great pamper day is a face mask suited to your skin type, a nourishing body cream, a hair mask and either your favourite nail polish or a hand cream. 

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Invite Your Friends

Having a night in to pamper yourself is great, but why not invite your friends and all treat yourselves? If it is difficult to, or you are unable to get together in person, then you could always try and arrange a pamper night over video call!

You can recommend products for each other to try, laugh at each other in weird face masks and it is a great chance to catch up and make deeper connections with each other when you are feeling more calm and relaxed.


Our Evolve At Home Spa Ritual

We have put together a simple, easy to follow at home spa ritual that will leave you feeling de-stressed, relaxed and looking your very best.

1. Light your Serenity Candle and take a few moments to close your eyes, take in its relaxing scent and focus on your breathing. Breathe in for 3 counts and out for 3 counts, continue this until you feel calm and relaxed.

2. Start with cleansing your face. This will make sure that your skin is clean and prepped for whatever treatments you are going to be putting on it. Use our Gentle Cleansing Melt and gently massage into your skin using circular motions, this will help to remove any make up or impurities. Apply warm water and watch the melt turn into a creamy milk so you can easily wash it away. You could use a warm towel to gently pat your face dry afterwards.

gentle cleansing melt

3. Whilst you have your Gentle Cleansing Melt, why not try it as a hair mask? Simply comb through the length of your hair from root to tip and leave on for however long you want. We recommend leaving on for around an hour max.

4. Use our Radiant Glow Face Mask on dry skin and apply a thick layer onto your face. Leave this on for 5-10 minutes. Before removing, massage it in circular motions into your skin, this will gently exfoliate your skin leaving it silky smooth. Then just simply rinse away with warm water.

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5. Now it is time you nourish your body. If you have a dry body brush now would be a great time to use it and follow our body brushing ritual, however if you don’t this step still leaves your skin feeling amazing! Once you have finished body brushing, use our 360 Smoothing Body Contour all over your body. Take your time with this step and massage the cream in large circular motions into your skin, paying particular attention to any problem areas such as your thighs, stomach or even bottom. This firming cream helps to improve skin firmness and elasticity, whilst increasing smoothness and hydration, and is created with a spa experience in mind.

firming cream

6. Finally, it is time to shower. You could try adding essential oils such as eucalyptus or lavender into your shower to make it more relaxing. You could use this step to remove your hair mask as well, simply wash it out using shampoo and condition like our Superfood Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. Once you’ve finished apply 3-4 drops of our Nourishing Hair Elixir to the ends of your hair and you are done!

This pair of products is all you need to care for your hair and give it the attention it deserves.
This weightless hair serum leaves hair incredibly soft, light and moisturised.
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