Self Care Sunday - Masking

On Sunday 29th November, Evolve celebrity facialist Gemma Halil will be hosting a virtual facial masterclass. With a little more time on our hands what better way to spend it than taking care of ourselves! Now is the perfect opportunity to invest in a little extra ‘me’ time and an extra treat for our hard-working skin.

What Will Be Happening On The Virtual Masterclass? 

Introducing a skincare mask into your at home regime is a great way to bring unlimited skin benefits.  Our Celebrity Facialist, Gemma will take you through the many mask options and advise you on the best mask for you and your skin. She will discuss the abundant benefits of taking a ‘moment’ to indulge the skin with a treatment mask. 

How do we best apply a treatment mask? How do we remove a mask effectively? And where in our daily skincare routines does a mask fit in?

Enjoying at home treatments in such ‘crazy’ times can not only bring skin health but can help you relax, destress and bring a radiant glow from the inside out!

How Do I Sign Up?

You can sign up for our Zoom facial masterclass by clicking here: 


What Time Is The Session?

This session will be begin at 8pm on Sunday the 29th November, and it will last approximately 20 minutes. 

What Will I Need? 

For this masterclass you'll need: