Our Manifesto

1. We Evolve Beauty

We believe it is time for beauty to evolve. Society is coming full circle and realising that choosing natural ingredients and green packaging is better for us and our world. We make organic beauty products that are a pleasure to use. We want you to experience the joyful everyday moments of using our products with their uplifting scents, delicious textures and effective results.

2. Made By Us, Not Made Up

We make all of our own products, and that means we know what is in them, why each ingredient is included and where every single ingredient comes from. A large number of skincare brands outsource their production to industrial factories. By making ourselves we are able to innovate and avoid toxic standard practices (like cheap chemical fillers or adding tiny ineffective amounts of active ingredients). We know what is in our products, why it is there and where it comes from. This extra level of involvement we have in every element of product creation, from initial ideas through to the finished product, is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

3. Freshly Made in Small Batches

The way we make our products is what separates us from most skincare brands. Every Evolve product is handmade in small batches in our wind-powered eco studio with the freshest ingredients. Hand making every product may take us slightly longer, but we believe that quality skincare requires skill, time and care. 

If you were to visit our studio you would see that we use blenders, dough mixers and other small scale production tools, and that it shares more similarities with a kitchen than an industrial production line. All of this means that we can ship our products to you freshly made, with every antioxidant, oil and extract at its very best. It also makes for a happy workforce and a loyal team.  

4. Tried and Tested over 10 Years

We love the fact that vegan, natural and organic beauty is becoming a permanent feature at the forefront of people’s minds, but we are extremely proud of the fact that we have been pioneering this type of skincare for over 10 years. We are constantly learning new things, tweaking our products to help them perform better, and finding new exciting ingredients, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s what keeps helping Evolve to evolve.

5. People and Planet, then Profit

It’s all about people*. The people who use our products. Those who grow or produce our ingredients. Those who work in our studio. And the generations who will live with our impacts on the environment. Because we are family owned we are not beholden to investors who would put profit first. Profit is just our way of growing a healthy business that provides secure employment and can invest in innovation and new ways of protecting the planet from which our incredible ingredients come from.

(*people and other creatures – hence why we are vegan friendly and cruelty free).

6. What Would Nature Do?

Nature is the source of our inspiration. We don’t just use natural ingredients. We use the genius of nature. Many of our active ingredients were developed by another living organism (thank you flowers, kelps, roots and nuts) to help their own cells thrive and prosper in some of the harshest conditions in the world. So, whenever we are searching for a new ingredient that can help with hydration, nutrition, protection, strengthening, elasticity or anything else, our first question is always ‘what would nature do?’

7. Scientific Brain, Natural Heart

We use scientific methods to find the most effective natural solutions to skincare concerns, and create the most effective formulas. We don’t use science to ‘add’ to nature in the form of synthetic chemicals. Instead we use science to help us create the best natural formulations that are intrinsically better for skin. We are led by nature, and guided by science as we believe that this is the only way we can create truly effective natural skincare.

8. Long Termism Goes a Long Way

If you want to run a good venture then you need to think of the long term. Long termism isn’t flashy, throwaway packaging. Nor is it ingredients that mask issues rather than help to solve them. To us, long termism is the drive behind our desire to grow, learn and evolve.

In the long term, people will keep buying and recommending products that genuinely help to achieve healthy and lasting results. So, rather than just simply follow trends, we evolve unique products that actually work. That is why we always take a long-term view when it comes to not only our products, but our customers and the planet too.

9. Nature Hates Waste, So Do We

Nothing in nature is wasted. Every element in nature has a built in recycling scheme, from the packaging (the shell of a seed) becoming next year’s healthy soil mulch, through to a key ingredient (a fallen leaf) becoming nourishment for an earthworm. Here at Evolve we are on a journey to create the maximum amount of enjoyment and pleasure we can from our products by using the minimum  amount of resources possible, and this is a journey we are excited to be on. We are not perfect, but we are certainly striving to be. 

10. Honest Leads To Goodness

We believe in full disclosure of what ingredients we use, how natural they are, where we source them from and what their impacts are. We use external audits and standards to keep us honest. We are proud of our products, but we know we could always be better. In an industry known for superficiality, dishonesty and exploiting insecurities… we are proud to make products that are kind, effective, natural and well worth buying.