Our Product Standards

How we make our products

The way we make our products is incredibly important. I know that customers trust us to do the right thing and we try to repay this trust by being incredibly careful in how we source, manufacture and package our products in every tiny detail. We make our products in small batches by hand and we make sure that every product that leaves our eco studio is of the highest quality. 

What we are currently doing

  • All of our products are more than 98% natural and we are transparent about the % of organic and natural in every product
  • We aim to use organic ingredients wherever possible
  • We screen every one of our 150+ ingredients to check it has been ethically and sustainably sourced and it is biodegradable and GMO free. 
  • We do not use any animal derived or by product ingredients such as beeswax or milk
  • We do not conduct any animal testing on products or ingredients for cosmetic purposes (which is illegal in Europe). 

Current issues we are working on

  • All new ingredients being used will be comprehensively audited going forward to make sure they meet our standards
  • We conducted a palm oil audit as part of our ingredients audit and found that some of our ingredients do contain palm oil which is sustainably sourced. 

What we are planning to do next

  • We are in the process of certifying to an independent organic standard and 10 of our formulas have already been certified. 
  • We will be obtaining a cruelty free certification this year
  • We will be obtaining a vegan certification certification this year
  • We are working on ISO 9001 and GWP quality certification