Laura's Story

I launched Evolve in 2009, inspired by my own healthy living journey and my belief that companies should do good as well as doing well. Evolve is designed to make it easy for people to take small steps towards being healthier and greener in their everyday lives. I have always found natural and organic food and beauty products to be beneficial and they helped me in my own journey towards better skin. 

I am very involved in the creation of every Evolve product, alongside my team of formulation and product experts. I personally research every ingredient to make sure it meets our strict ingredient guidelines and I also hand blend all of our essential oil blends. 

Evolve founder Laura Rudoe

When I first launched Evolve it was very tiny and we worked with a UK based manufacturing partner. In 2014 I decided to open our own studio to make our products by hand in small batches. This enables us to ensure our products are of the highest quality and to maximise the freshness of the precious oils and butters. We now have a team of over 20 artisans and support team members who all care about every product we make. 

I hope you enjoy using your products as much as I have enjoyed creating them. The best part of my job is hearing that our products have made a difference to someone. Do let me know what you think.