Summertime Skin Essentials

Summertime Skin Essentials

June is finally here, and, though the weather isn’t looking too hopeful at the moment, we’re getting excited about summer! While warm weather may be delightful, it tends to come with a plethora of skin dilemmas - but we’ve put together a handy holiday shop so all the essentials are in one place!


Are you jetting off abroad any time soon? International flight rules mean that you can’t take liquids in containers over 100ml in your hand luggage - which could mean going without your favourite product if you’re travelling light! Luckily, we have travel-sized counterparts to all of our most popular skincare. Why not treat yourself to a mini version of your favourite serum or the face cream you can’t live without? Travelling to different climates can wreak havoc on your skin: varying levels of humidity, a sudden change in temperature, or a week of windy weather can all leave your skin feeling attacked, so it’s important to maintain your skincare routine.


Summer travel kit

If you’re stuck on where to start, we’ve put together a curated edit of travel-friendly products in our Summer Travel Kit. On the other hand, if you have tried-and-true picks, you can find them combined with complementary products in our carefully selected kits. Try our Balance & Protect Essentials if you’re worried that the change in air might cause breakout-prone skin to flare up, or our Organic Skincare Bestsellers for skin that glows. These also make fantastic gifts for loved ones and those just getting into natural skincare.


Climate veil

Popping off to different countries isn’t the only challenge our skin faces during the summer months, though. Increased exposure to UV rays means our skin is more prone to sun damage, and needs protection more than ever! Try out our new (reef-safe!) Climate Veil Tinted SPF20 for a dewy, perfected glow that’s combined with UVA and UVB protection. We recommend wearing an SPF all year round, but the longer days and summer picnics mean that it’s particularly essential in the coming months.


body polish

Then, there’s the issue of making sure your skin is in tip-top condition to be shown off in shorts and sleeveless tops. Luckily, we have a whole host of skin treats that will buff away any lingering dullness and leave you radiant. Start by rubbing our gently exfoliating Tropical Blossom Body Polish into legs and arms - or anywhere you feel your skin needs a boost! This uses organic sugar to smooth and rejuvenate skin, and smells heavenly to boot. Rinse off and follow with one of our delicious body washes.


Then, you have a choice: we’d always recommend moisturising after exfoliation, but there are so many options! For a bit of a boost to your summer glow, reach for our Sunless Glow Body Lotion, which builds a gradual golden tan without exposing you to harmful UV rays. Alternatively, smooth on some Tropical Blossom Organic Body Butter, which will enhance the scent from the polish and leave skin silky smooth. For skin prone to scars or stretch marks, our Skin Saviour Body Oil is a must-have, and moisturises skin whilst enhancing cellular turnover. If you’re more interested in a lotion than an oil, we have two delectable choices: African Orange boasts a scent of blood orange, vanilla, and hints of black pepper, while our Citrus Blend offers juniper berry, lime, lemon and basil. Who needs a G&T?


For the final step to your summertime bodycare routine, reach for our Satin Body Gloss - we think it’s absolutely essential for any summery event! Not only is it packed full of nourishing ingredients to keep skin healthy and happy; it has a shimmering addition that will make it your secret summer weapon: gold sparkle. It can be spritzed on your hair as well as your body, and gives a lit-from-within glow that catches sunlight perfectly. Whether you want a subtle shimmer down your legs or collar bones that catch the light, this summertime staple will have all eyes on you.


Once you’ve taken care of your body, it’s time to move on to the face. We trust that you know which products are best for your skin - if not, check out our blog for some ideas! - but one area we often neglect is our lips. Rapid changes between hot weather and air conditioned offices can mean that our lips end up cracked and dry, but we have a solution. Our vegan Lip Treat is great for chucking in a bag and smoothing on lips when you feel like they need a dose of hydration.


Best of all, almost all of our products can be found in travel-sized versions too, so you can look your best at home or away! What will you be stocking up on this year?