Self Care Rituals to Relax Your Body and Mind

Self Care Rituals to Relax Your Body and Mind

This month at Evolve we want to introduce you to some mini mind and body rituals that will help you to evolve your beauty routine and give you time to practice some self care in your daily regime.

These rituals are simple and quick to do, helping you to create some much needed time for yourself even on the busiest of days. 

Learn how to do a spa quality facial at home, a quick and easy eye massage and a simple facial acupressure exercise.

How To Do An At Home Facial

What’s a better way to sit back and relax than a facial? You could even make it more relaxing by adding in some steps like double cleansing and massages!

We all wish we could go to a spa every time we want a bit of luxury but unfortunately that costs both time and money.

Instead why don’t you follow our easy guide to enjoy a spa quality facial in the comfort of your own home? Our Get Up and Glow is your very own Facial in a Box, with our pick of products to leave your skin glowing and your mind relaxed. This simple four step routine is all you need to recreate that spa experience yourself.

christmas beauty gift set

Step One - Cleanse your skin. Use our Gentle Cleansing Melt over your dry face and neck. Use circular motions to massage it into your skin - making sure that you get any traces of dirt or make up that might be stubborn! Use a little bit of warm water to turn the melt into a milk, and simply remove with reusable cotton pads or a face cloth. If you want to double cleanse why not repeat this step with an added acupressure massage to really work it into your skin?

Step Two - Now your skin is clean and cleansed you can move onto your face mask. Apply a thin layer of our Radiant Glow Mask all over your face. Leave on your skin for 3 minutes. Whilst this mask is settling why not take the time to really appreciate your routine? Take in the chocolatey scent of the mask, how does it make your skin feel as you massage it in? Once it is time to remove just rinse with warm water.

Step Three - Use one pump of our Hyaluronic Serum 200 on your fingers and massage into your face and neck using upwards motions to add moisture into your skin. You can follow this with our Hyaluronic Eye Complex.

We have an easy eye massage you can use for this step - you can find out how to do that in the next part of the blog!

Step Four - Once your serums have all soaked in, go ahead and apply our Daily Renew Facial Cream to your face and neck. This will leave your skin feeling soothed and nourished whilst locking in moisture!

And  voilà you’ve completed your facial! Your skin should be glowing and feeling refreshed and nourished. Now you know exactly how to give yourself some ‘you’ time whenever you might need it - perfect for a self care Sunday!

The Evolve Easy Eye Roller Massage

The skin around your eye area is thinner than other parts of the body which makes it incredibly delicate - and often needs a bit more TLC than the rest of your face. Taking some time to pay attention to your eye area is important, and you’ll definitely be able to notice a difference if you do this.

As mentioned above, you can use our Hyaluronic Eye Complex around your eye area. This serum is filled with Hyaluronic Acid to help moisturise the area and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, making your eyes appear younger. It also contains Tuberose Plant Cells which are clinically proven to help specific eye concerns. This  innovative active offers anti-wrinkle, anti dark circle and anti-puffiness benefits whilst enhancing uniformity of skin colour resulting in a brightening action on the eye area!

easy eye massage

To really make the most of this amazing product you can add a little massage into your routine when you apply it. The roller ball application makes it great for placing product precisely where you want it, as well as having a cooling and soothing effect on the skin.

Before you use our Hyaluronic Eye Complex remember to shake it to wake it! Holding it like a pen simply shake the product until the serum is evenly distributed around the roller ball. You’re now ready to apply!

A really easy, quick and simple massage we like to do here at Evolve is using the Hyaluronic Eye Complex in a figure 8 around the eye area. Simply start under your right eye and move the applicator gently underneath your eye and over your brow bone. Then take it over the centre of your brows and towards your left eye going under the eye and back up around the the brow bone again. The cool metal roller ball really adds to the massage sensation and helps to soothe the area as it goes.

If you have any excess product around the eye area then gently pat it into the skin using your ring fingers. We use our ring fingers as these have the least pressure compared to our others and as this is a delicate area we want to be as gentle as possible!

under eye serum

A Relaxing Acupressure Massage 

Acupressure is a massage technique that uses pressure points around the body and face in order to promote wellness in your mind, body and soul. These pressure points are said to be specific areas of our bodies where energy flows through. These areas tend to correlate with areas which are blocked - by massaging these points we are able to unblock them, regulate the flow of energy and release endorphins alongside other natural pain relievers. 

There are various acupressure points on the face. These can be used to help relieve a number of things from headaches and congestion to symptoms of depression and stress. Acupressure is a great addition to your skincare routine as it can help relax and calm your mind as well as relieve any minor pains or stresses you may have. 

To start this massage simply take a face oil such as our Miracle Facial Oil and warm it between your clean hands. When you are carrying out this massage on yourself be careful to use one finger with just the right amount of pressure, you want to be able to feel it but make sure to not leave any marks on your skin. 

Your Eye Area

Start at either side of your nose, underneath your eyebrows. Gently massage this area in small circles for thirty seconds. You can then move up to your ‘third eye’ in between your eyebrows and massage in small circular motions. This will help to relieve anxiety and also help to improve sleep. You can finally move to your temples. These are pressure points on either side of your face - just above the top of your ears. By massaging your temples you can help to relieve headaches, eye strain and dizziness.

acupressure massage

Your Nose Area

Place your index fingers at either side of your nose - where your nostril meets your cheeks. Gently massage for 30 seconds to help clear your nasal passages and relieve congestion and an itchy nose. Then move to your cupid’s bow - the space between your upper lip and tip of your nose. Gently massage in circular motions to restore focus and calm your mind. 

facial acupressure points

Your Ear Area

Now you’ve massaged the pressure points on your face it's time to move to your ears. Find the hollow on your tragus, the part of the ear right next to your face. Gently massage in circular motions with your index finger to relieve symptoms of things such as toothache, and tinnitus. You can then move around to the back of your ear, find the dip behind your lobe next to your jaw and massage. This pressure point has been used to help treat symptoms of toothache and lockjaw. 

facial acupressure

We hope you’ve learnt some new rituals to help calm your body and mind. If you have any routines that you find relaxing then feel free to send them our way - we’d love to learn more!

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