Natural Bridal Beauty - The Evolve Rundown!

Natural Bridal Beauty - The Evolve Rundown!

Wedding season is here!

Whether you're a bride-to-be, member of the wedding party, or simply a guest looking to look our best, our timed guide will have you looking your very best from dawn till dusk. 


Start to treat your skin with a targeted regime aimed at your skin’s needs.  If you’re not sure what this is, you can contact our skin pro, Violaine for personalised skincare recommendations that meet your needs.

All skins need to be hydrated to look their best, so start with our brilliant Hyaluronic Serum 200, £30 for the ultimate in plumped, refreshed skin.


A good top-to-toe exfoliation regime a couple of times a week between now and the big day will slough off any dead skin cells and leave you looking flawless and line-free just in time.

For face try Radiant Glow mask, £20 – our rich, chocolatey mask works perfectly to reveal a natural glow.

For body try Tropical Blossom Polish, £20 – the blissful scent unleashes a wave of tropical relaxation whilst transforming your skin with natural sugars.



If you’re having another facial, now is when to do it to allow it to settle down. We also suggest that if you’re getting your brows done now is when to do it, so there is no redness near the day.

Finally, it’s time to give your hair a little love. If you’re going to the hairdresser we’d advise no later than the week before to let it settle. Hair expert Julie Read advises her celebrity clients to use Evolve Nourishing Hair Elixir, £16 on the ends especially to get that ‘naturally glossy’ look we all aspire to!


Now is the time for a tan if you’re a bronzed skin lover.   Make sure to exfoliate from top to toe first and then try our gorgeous Sunless Glow Self Tanner, £18 for a natural boost to your skins colour (without the hideous biscuit smell).

On the Day

Try to stay calm, don’t try anything new and drink tons of water to keep hydrated.   Makeup artists love our Moisture Mist, £20 to set makeup and keep it looking dewy (and you cool) throughout the day.