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Meet the Maker: Fashion Illustrator, Marine de Quénetain

Keeping true to our artisanal roots this Christmas, we have partnered up with Parisian Fashion Illustrator Marine de Quénetain to design our two stunning Christmas Collections.

We were super excited to catch up with Marine to find out how she became a fashion illustrator, what inspires her and which Evolve product she would like to find under her tree this year!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you became an illustrator?

Hello, I am Marine, a Parisian beauty and fashion illustrator.

I found out that I wanted to be an illustrator while I was at  university in Paris. I was doing a lot of fashion illustration inspired by vintage Vogue and this inspired me!

But I think the true beginning was when I had my first illustration commissioned work in 2014 for the french magazine GRAZIA.

I collaborated with them for a year and every week I would draw a new illustration of their edit.

The first drawing I did for them was 2 beauty products and this is how I started to draw beauty products! I just loved how it looked. From this point I never stopped drawing beauty products. It is like an obsession.


You specialise in fashion and beauty, what started your passion for this industry?

It is very simple, my mum used to be a fashion designer. At a very early age she brought me to fashion shows, bought tons of fashion magazines and took me to shopping  every week.

I always saw her drawing and make a living out of it so this is where my passion stems from.


You have worked with some huge brands, what appealed to you about evolve?

I think that Evolve is sch a  cool organic brand and I think their packaging is gorgeous!


What gave you the inspiration for the Evolve Christmas collection design?

The natural ingredients contained in the Evolve products.


What is your favourite Evolve product?

The Tropical Blossom Body Polish is heaven, the scent is divine and my skin looks beautiful and feel so soft after I use it!

Do you have any skincare tips that you live by?

I have cut down on drinking coffee, sugar and dairy and it has made my skin a lot clearer… It is not easy, but it is working for me!

Another of my skincare secrets is to drink apple vinegar cider diluted in water. It gives my skin an amazing glow!

What is on your Christmas wishlist this year?

Some pieces of furniture for my new Parisian apartment!



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