Face Yoga Exercises From Danielle Collins

Face Yoga Exercises From Danielle Collins

Yoga is a form of exercise that is practised all over the world and has gained popularity over recent years because of its amazing health benefits. But have you tried face yoga?

Facial yoga consists of various facial exercises that are designed to firm and lift, giving you the appearance of healthier and younger looking skin.

Here are two simple face yoga exercises from the world leading face yoga expert, Danielle Collins, that you can try at home.

Energising Facial Massage For Luminous Skin

  1. Take two fingers and your thumb and pinch along your jaw down to the muscle. Work from your chin all the way up your jawline. This is great for helping to brighten the skin in the lower face as it helps all the fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients rise up to the surface of your skin. It also helps to relieve any tension in your jaw muscle, and has good lifting benefits too.
  2. Do the same action, but this time work up your cheekbones. Pinch down to the muscle rather than pinching the skin. This again helps to lift and brighten the skin, whilst defining your cheekbones.
  3. Continue with the same movement but this time pinch along your eyebrows, down to the muscle. This helps the circulation of the upper face whilst lifting the eyebrow area.

You can find Danielle’s video for this massage here.

Non Surgical Face Lift

  1. Take a long deep breath in through the nose and let your abdomen rise. Then a deep breath out through the nose and let your abdomen lower. This helps to calm the mind and help you to de-stress.
  2. Take your index fingers and gently massage upwards between your eyebrows. This is excellent to help release and reduce stress and tension.
  3. Take your fingers and use your fingertips to brush from the center of your forehead towards your temples. This is great for helping to promote the collagen and elastin in the skin.
  4. Use your ring finger to gently circle under the eyebrow and then under the eye, creating a full loop. The skin around our eye area is about 10x thinner than the skin on other areas of our face so make sure to use a really gentle touch, barely moving your skin. This really helps with lymphatic drainage, helping to get rid of any excess toxins in our system, leading to a reduction in the appearance of puffiness and dark circles.
  5. Gently press your index fingers into the small indentation either side of the bridge of your nose. This is another acupressure point that is renowned for reducing stress and helping to calm the mind. Try massaging in small circles one way, then repeat in the opposite direction.
  6. Using your two fingers and thumb gently pinch down to the muscle along your cheekbones. This helps to lift the area whilst defining your cheekbones.
  7. Puff both cheeks full of air and transfer the air from cheek to cheek. Do this nice and slowly and ensure that you are still breathing through your nose throughout. 
  8. Use two fingers to tap from the jaw line up to the nostril. This helps to soften the appearance of any lines in this area.
  9. Then take two fingers and thumb and pinch down to the muscle along your jawline, helping to lift and decrease tension.
  10. Bring your lips together and tilt your head back, but only as far as is comfortable for your neck. With your lips closed, repeatedly bring the tip of your tongue towards the roof of your mouth. 
  11. Turn your head slow to your left and tilt your head up, stretching your muscles. Then repeat on the other side before returning to the centre.
  12. Rub your hands together until you can feel them starting to generate heat. Then cup your heads over your face to help release any tension in your facial muscles.

You can find Danielle’s video of this massage here.

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