5 Steps to Winter Skin Heaven With Your Own Home-Spa

5 Steps to Winter Skin Heaven With Your Own Home-Spa

Fight back against the winter weather and treat every part of your body with your at home spa. Pure head to toe relaxation.

As the temperature drops and the cold weather creeps in, your skin can suffer, swiftly followed by your mood.
That’s why this is the perfect time of year to schedule in a little me-time with a pampering session, and where better than in your own home?

As artisan specialists in creating skincare your body and senses love, we've created the ultimate guide to turning your bathroom into a luxury spa, secure in the knowledge that everything you use is chemical free and 100% natural!

Step 1. AND...RELAX

First things first, let’s set the mood: Light some candles, find your fluffiest towels, crank that heating up and turn your bath or shower up to the hottest temperature.

Let it steam up the entire room to create your very own sauna; a great way to unwind and for an added benefit it also helps clear up our sinuses (all natural of course!).



Next step; let’s give our face a truly luxurious treat.

Our Radiant Glow Face Mask (RRP £18 per 60ml, £12 per 30ml) contains organic raw chocolate, coconut shell powder and vanilla extract, so smells incredible.

Beyond the amazing luxury of using chocolate on your skin, researchers suggest that the flavonoids in chocolate absorb UV light, which helps to protect and increase blood flow to the skin.

This makes a huge difference to overall appearance, especially if you are struggling with acne-prone skin.

Along with the cocoa delight, the mask is packed full of vitamins and fatty acid Omega 6, promoting cell repair and rejuvenation whilst moisturising and nourishing our skin, perfect for this harsh weather.

EXPERT TIP: The masks coconut shell powder means it doubles up as 100% natural, earth and skin-kind exfoliator.  


Directions: Apply a thick layer to your skin and leave for 5 minutes, while you enjoy a soak in the tub.

When time is up, wrap yourself up all snug with your fluffy towels and use some warm water to gently lather up the mask massaging it into your face to remove all the dead skin.

Et Voila - Glowing, radiant skin.



conditions can cause damage by stripping our hair of all natural oils. This is where our Nourishing Hair Elixir (RRP £16 pe 30ml, £6 for 10ml) can make an incredible difference.

The weightless serum contains a blend of nurturing organic oils:
Moroccan Argan, Baobab and Tahitian Monoi bring a little tropical sunshine to your spa, transforming your hair.


You’ll find it left incredibly soft, frizz-free and easy to comb, without being greasy and limp.Anti-oxidants help to protect from split end damage by regaining lost moisture

The best bit?  We’re told the oil smells of chocolate orange so even those on a diet will be feeling deeply pampered by this point.  


Directions: Apply 3-4 drops (1 drop may only be needed on very fine hair) to wet or dry hair, comb through to leave you with soft, tameable, deliciously smelling hair, protected from the worst ravages of winter.



Now for the rest of your body.

Our Skin Saviour Body Oil (RRP £20 per 100ml, £9 per 30ml) was formulated with the all-natural powers of bio retinol rich Rosehip to improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

However, by no means should this product be confined to these skin conditions, as it is truly remarkable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Our customers tell us they’re amazed by the results on skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and keratosis (little red goose bumps on the arms) as Skin Saviour Oil brings back the moisture to make your skin gorgeously soft and flawless again (even the soles of your feet).

We have designed our oil to be extremely absorbent and non-greasy, instead having a smooth and luxurious feel when applied to the skin.

If you’ve not used a body oil, you should know it’s fabulous alternative to lotions. The change to an intensively moisturising formula is exactly what your skin needs as the increasing use of central heating dries skin.

The smell is a gentle mandarin scent; the perfect light and fresh finish to an indulgent session of pampering.


Directions: Massage the oil all over your body, paying attention to scars, stretch marks and dry skin.



You should feel relaxed and happy with the infusions of the delicious scents; your endorphins will be out in full force!

Put your feet up, read that book you have been trying to get around to, stick on your guilty pleasure television or just bask in your heavenly scent!