Why Is Self Love So Important?

Why Is Self Love So Important?

Each of us have a different relationship with our bodies, but whether we have already reached a place of self love or are still on that journey - there are so many reasons why we should learn to love ourselves and our bodies.

Over recent years body positivity has become more and more central to our mindset, and has been pivotal to the rise in body inclusivity and diversity we see in the world around us today. 

However, whilst this movement focuses primarily on loving the appearance of our bodies, I like to look at self love as more of a holistic experience. Our bodies are incredible vehicles that help propel us through the journey of life, and that’s why rather than purely focussing on what’s on the outside, I make sure that the health and wellbeing on my whole body is a daily focus for me. 

Making daily efforts to pursue activities and behaviours that contribute to mental, emotional and physical wellbeing (such as daily affirmations, gentle yoga or gratitude journaling), helps to engage a positive lifestyle and unite our minds and bodies together in a positive balance. This eventually allows us to learn how to love ourselves completely.

The path to self love never did run smooth, but there are a few small bumps you should be prepared to address on your journey to a loved and nourished self. This could mean addressing stress, sleep, healthy diet and daily physical activity that can all contribute to our overall health and wellbeing. Addressing these elements not only allows us to take control of our lives but also leaves us in a daily positive mindset.

Whilst our self love journey may be one that is long, and it may take us each varying amounts of time to get there, it is perhaps the most important journey of all.

Throughout stressful times, lifestyle changes, physical and mental challenges and everything in between, our bodies have carried us through and been there for us every step of the way. So celebrate them. Wake up each day with a new mission to love yourself, nourish your body with your favourite foods, engage it with a walk through nature, and relax with a good night's sleep at the end of the day. 

Remember that you are enrolling on this journey of self love for yourself, and your health.

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