7 Ways To Create a Healthy Work Space

7 Ways To Create a Healthy Work Space


We all experience stressful moments at work. Whether it be from never-ending to-do lists, looming deadlines, challenging tasks or even from your colleagues! Sometimes our crazy commutes can leave us feeling wound up too.

Not only does stress feel horrible, but it can also be damaging to your health and your skin. You may not realise it, but there are plenty of ways to reduce stress at work and achieving a happier and more peaceful office environment.


1. Desk Breaks

Give your mind and your eyes a break by regularly stepping away from your desk. Walk over to a colleague instead of sending an email, grab a drink from the kitchen or simply get up to stretch your legs. 


2. Lunchtime Walk

Step outside for a breath off fresh air and a little light exercise. Getting some air and a change of scenery can help to clear your mind, leaving you feel refreshed and more productive for the afternoon. It's also important we get some daylight for vitamin D!


3. Reduce Clutter

Tidy desk... tidy mind! Have a desk clear out - make some space on the desk itself and have a sort out of everything you may have crammed into your drawers. Organise that ancient paperwork, arrange your stationery and ditch the clutter. 


4. Healthy Snacks

The foods you eat can make such an impact on your mind, so ensure you're feeding your body truly nutritious food that will help you to work more efficiently. Try keeping a jar of almonds on your desk, as a healthy, nutrient-rich snack to reach for when you're feeling peckish.


5. Stay Hydrated

Amongst other things, dehydration can leave you with a headache and feeling irritable which can only make stressful situations feel worse. Treat yourself to a new re-usable water bottle to ensure you're drinking enough water throughout the day. Keep en eye out for a bottle that tracks the amount of water you are drinking, or perhaps opt for a fruit infusion bottle to add a little flavour.


6. Add a Touch of Nature

Bring the outside in and decorate your desk with an air purifying plant. Outputting oxygen, a little greenery can be refreshing as well as adding a little personality and homeliness to your work space. One of our favourites in the Evolve studio is peace lily which helps to protect against electromagnetic radiation. We also love anti-pollution plants such as Devil's Ivy, English Ivy, Yellow Goddess and Christmas Cactus.


7. Revive your Skin

Spritz your skin with your Daily Defence Moisture Mist to re-hydrate and replenish throughout the day. It's a desktop essential in the Evolve office!


How do you like to create a healthy space at work? Tell us your ideas by tagging us on your favourite social channel!