The Story of Our Suppliers

The Story of Our Suppliers

With International Women’s Month coming to an end, we wanted to go right back to the start of what makes Evolve Beauty products so amazing. From ethically sourcing our ingredients, to the very end product, women are involved in every step of the supply chain.

Read on to find out the story of our suppliers and how they empower women from all around the world. 


Kerfoot Group is a leading manufacturer for natural and organic oils. They are certified by the Soil Association Organic Manufacturing Standards to ensure ingredients are of the highest quality.

We work with them to supply some of the wonderful ingredients that make up just a few of our most loved Evolve Beauty products, including Argan Oil, Flaxseed Oil and Shea Butter.


Argan Oil Evolve Organic Beauty


Argan Oil is a plant oil native to Morocco. It has a wide range of beauty benefits, such as intense hydration for dehydrated skin and restoring damaged hair. This is due to its antioxidant-rich properties and essential fatty acids that promote moisture!

This nourishing oil can be found in our Daily Renew Facial CreamNourishing Hair ElixirTrue Balance Lotion and Miracle Facial Oil.

Nourishing Hair Elixir Evolve Organic Beauty


We work with a supplier called Kerfoot Group when supplying our Argan Oil. They source it directly from Morocco working with women’s associations and cooperatives to harvest argan.

The women’s associations help to preserve the argan forest by preventing overgrazing of crops and reducing human pressure. They help to improve socioeconomic conditions by diversifying their incomes through the production of organic honey and improving the literacy of the women and other members of the villages. 


Shea Butter Evolve Organic Beauty


Shea butter is the fat that has been extracted from shea tree nuts. They are native to West Africa and have been used in beauty for many years. Shea butter is known for being rich in fatty acids and antioxidants that help to promote healing within the skin and hair. 

We use Shea butter in hydrating products like our Superfood Shine Natural ConditionerAfrican Orange Hand and Body Lotion and the Tropical Blossom Body Butter.

Superfood Natural Shampoo and Conditioner Evolve Organic Beauty


Kerfoot Group empowers Ghanaian women through traditionally handcrafted shea butter, as well as baobab oil and black soap. They create value at the source through a team of local processors and ensure that the manufacturing process stays local. This way, the benefits can make a positive impact to the local area. 

One group is the Yumzaa Women’s Association that was established in 2014. Starting off with just three women in the team producing shea butter, they have now grown into a group of 225 amazing women who supply handcrafted butter that is affordable. By choosing handcrafted butter at a grass root level instead of buying industrially produced alternatives, we are helping to provide income to local families and giving young girls the chance to attend school.

The revenue generated from the shea nuts is mostly reinvested back into the community by improving healthcare and providing education for children. Harvesting shea butter in Ghana also helps to promote employment rates by creating local jobs for young people. 


Flaxseed Oil Evolve Organic Beauty


Flaxseed oil, or linseed oil, is the oil pressed from the seeds of flax plants. Flaxseed oil is widely used in the food industry as a natural source of omega-3. Similar to Argan Oil, it has a wide range of benefits making it a powerful ingredient in skincare products. It can help to increase moisture for the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst also promoting stronger and healthier hair through Vitamin B and E. 

We use it in products such as the African Orange and Citrus Blend lotions for its hydrating properties. 

African Orange Citrus Blend 
African Orange Body Lotion Evolve Organic Beauty
Citrus Blend Hand Lotion Evolve Organic Beauty


The flax plants are grown and processed in China and this process helps to empower local farmers and workers. Partnered companies and suppliers ensure that the workers are treated fairly and the conditions of the factories are held to a high standard.

They are currently in the process of obtaining a certification to ensure that working standards are upkept throughout the supply chain. 

Evolve Organic Beauty


At Evolve Beauty, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. This includes sourcing our ingredients sustainably and providing our customers with transparency. As a team that is over 90% women, we are proud to be supporting other women from different countries and will continue to work with them to make natural and organic products in the most sustainable and ethical ways!


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