Evolve Beauty Body Care Ritual Routines

The Evolve Beauty Artisans Body Care Rituals

At Evolve Beauty, our team of artisans are big believers in the power of self-care and the benefits showing ourselves a little bit of love can have on our minds, bodies and skin. 

For some bodycare inspiration, we asked some of our experts to share their daily rituals and tips for showing your body some self-love, to leave you feeling your best and most confident self. 

Laura  (CEO/Founder)

I start the day with a body scan and reiki on all of my body chakras. I also do some energy exercises and breathwork to get my mind and body ready for the day. 

Before I shower, I body brush all over to boost lymphatic flow. When I go into the shower, I tend to use our Tropical Blossom Body Polish or our new Super Berry Bath & Shower Oil as I have dry skin on my body. I shave with a reusable razor with replaceable blades to reduce waste. 

After that, when I get out of the shower I use a body cream or oil (sometimes I use Daily Renew!) or our new Super Berry Body Oil 

I often have a bath in the evening and use epsom salts and essential oils in the bath, mixed into our Super Berry Shower Oil to emulsify them. 


Tropical Blossom Body Polish and Body Butter Evolve Beauty

Zainab  (Creative Content Assistant)

I guess my favourite routine right now would be a long hot bath with a cup of Dead Sea Salt in it as it’s really good at helping my dry skin. 

I now add about 5 squirts of the Super Berry Bath and Shower Oil too. 

I finish by using the Tropical Blossom Body Polish all over, then soaking in the milk. 

After my bath, I love using the Super Berry Body Oil to lock in moisture and leave my skin feeling super soft. 

Super Berry Bath Oil Evolve Beauty

Lina  (Junior Development Chemist)

My routine changes everyday, but generally, I like to put a few drops of essential oils in my diffuser before I go to bed. My favorite blend is Lavender, Yuzu, Japanese Cypress, Rose, Frankincense... Although there are so many more! 

Then, I apply the oil blend that I make at home after shower so that my skin is well nourished. 

Lastly, I spray the Tranquillity Essence on my pillow and my duvet. I absolutely love this product and it makes me so relaxed and happy! 

I like to keep it simple, but I think even the smallest self-care ritual can make a difference in our wellbeing. 

Evolve Beauty Organic Natural 

Amber  (Sales/Education Manager)

When I want to feel pampered and renewed, I generally follow this routine!

Step 1:  I run a bath with our Super Berry Bath & Shower Oil and apply Tropical Blossom Body Polish all over my skin prior to getting in the water. 

Step 2: I then jump in the bath and let the polish dissolve and exfoliate my skin. I then have a long hot soak with my choice of Evolve Beauty's organic facial mask

Step 3: When I am all clean and feeling fresh I then get out and apply our Super Berry Body Oil, followed by Tropical Blossom Body Butter. My skin gets super dry in the winter so I love layering body oils and then a butter to feel extra hydrated and nourished ! 

Miracle Face Mask Evolve Beauty

Step 4: My skin is then prepped and ready for the following day when I apply my Sunless Glow Body Lotion

Isabella  (Digital Marketing Executive)

I sometimes spend a few minutes dry body brushing to exfoliate, increase circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage before having a nice shower with the Pomegranate and Goji Aromatic Wash.

Dry Brushing Evolve Organic Beauty


I then use the Sunless Glow Body Lotion for a gradual tan which also helps to hydrate my skin! But I always make sure to wash my hands after, otherwise I get left with the classic orange in between your fingers. 


Chiara  (Senior International Business Manager)

I am a shower person, as I find that this fits in better with my daily 'self care' routine. I love using an energising product in the morning like the Citrus Blend Body Wash to start the day revitalised and refreshed.  


Citrus Blend Hand and Body Wash Evolve Beauty

As I generally have more time to dedicate to myself at the weekend, I give myself a full body exfoliation using the Tropical Blossom Body Polish. Standing in the shower with the water switched off, I take a tablespoon worth of product, warm it up between my hands and massage it onto my skin using circular movement, starting at my ankles and moving upwards.

I pay particular attention to my thighs and bum as this sugar based exfoliant is excellent to get the circulation going and stimulate lymphatic drainage. I find that when used regularly, it really helps to smooth all the lumps and bumps.

When I am done, I wash the product off with warm water to reveal brighter skin. I tend not to use a shower gel afterward as I love the nourishing residue that the polish leaves on my skin. 

Especially in the cold winter months, it makes me feel moisturised and protected.


Catherine  (Sales Director)

Being a mum, I don't have time to cream my whole body, so I have targeted strategy for my body cream routine. 

Step 1: Every day, I use the Super Berry Bath and Shower Oil in the shower and give myself a quick massage on my tights or where my legs feel heavy to sit all day.  

Step 2: Then, I use 360 Smoothing Body Contour on lower legs to get super smooth skin and also on my upper arms.  

Step 3: I massage Skin Saviour Body Oil or our new Super Berry Body Oil on my belly to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars) and do a few deep breaths to relax.  


Once a week, I use Tropical Blossom Body Polish and Butter before going to bed for a lovely pampering feeling.  


Sarah T  (Account Manager)

I love to use our Tropical Blossom Body Polish before a nice long soak in the bath. I'll buff my skin with the polish whilst it is still dry, paying particular attention to my knees and elbows.

After doing so, I step into a lovely warm bath and let the polish turn into a creamy milk, it adds such a nice scent to the bath. 

Then, after a long soak I will pat my skin dry and apply our Smoothing 360 Body Contour for silky smooth skin.


360 Smooth Body Contour Evolve Beauty


That wraps up our bodycare routines from your Evolve Beauty Artisans. It seems like the Tropical Blossom Body Polish is the clear favourite across the team!

What's your favourite Evolve Beauty product? 


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