Super Berry Body Oil by Evolve Organic Beauty

The Benefits Of Our Pregnancy-friendly Super Berry Body Oil

Are you looking for a product that will help you to feel confident whilst helping to heal and nourish any scars and stretch marks?

Our Super Berry Body Oil may be the perfect product to help. This 100% natural body oil is filled with advanced natural and organic ingredients that we have put together to bring you a skin enhancing, nourishing and soothing solution to skin troubles.


What is our Super Berry Body Oil?

Our Super Berry Body Oil is a pregnancy safe, moisturising body oil which has been formulated to revive dry and mature skin and improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Lightweight and quick to absorb, this organic and 100% natural body oil is made with a range of incredible ingredients that enhance cellular turnover and leave your skin looking its best.

 Our vegan formulation blends beautifully into skin and leaves no oily residue which means you can go from skin unrest to dressed in 5 minutes!

Organic and vegan Super Berry Body Oil

Why Would You Use It?

We believe that each and every body is beautiful, but we also understand that each of us may have some bits that we may not love as much as the rest. This oil is here to help you nourish and care for those bits of your body whilst also loving the rest. 

It contains organic Rosehip Oil, which has traditionally been used to help with stretch marks and scars. So this is a great product to use if you want to help tackle the appearance of scars and stretch marks whilst nourishing and hydrating your skin too.

This oil is the perfect pamper night treat. Just light your favourite candle and take your time massaging this into your skin, breathing in its calming red berry fragrance and remembering to relax.

Who Would Use It?

As this product is 100% natural it is suitable for all skin types. But, as always, we would advise patch testing any new products around 24 hours before intended use. 

But it is particularly great to use during pregnancy and for post pregnancy skin, ageing skin and those of us who need an extra helping hand with any stubborn scars or stretch marks!

pregnancy skin

How Do I Use It?

If you want to try our Super Berry Body Oil then just apply the oil into your hands and warm between your palms before massaging into the skin, paying attention to any problem areas you may have. 

If you want to enjoy this oil as part of a pamper night then try this simple self care routine:

Step One

Cleanse your face with our Deep Clean Micellar Water. It is super-hydrating and effective, containing organic pomegranate which is packed with antioxidants such as ellagic acid, vital in protecting skin and limiting water loss so you’re left with skin that is sparkling clean, clear and glowing.

Deep Clean Micellar Water for all skin types with organic Pomegranate extract


Step Two

Gently massage our award-winning Daily Renew Facial Cream moisturiser into skin, for a nourishing and restorative daily treat.  It contains a blend of pure organic oils including Argan Oil, whilst natural Hyaluronic Acid soothes and hydrates. 

Nourishing Daily Renew Facial Cream moisturiser


Step Three

Body oil tends to work better when your skin is slightly wet as it helps to lock moisture into the skin. So why not cleanse and nourish skin with our Super Berry Bath & Shower Oil, before applying your body oil?

Super Berry Bath & Shower Oil and Super Berry Body Oil

Key Ingredients

Organic Rosehip Oil - Used for centuries for its unique ability to revive skin that is prone to stretch marks or scaring, our organic Rosehip oil is rich in essential fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3, and is a versatile ingredient that promotes cellular renewal making it a great ingredient in a body oil for pregnancy as it helps your skin recover from the appearance of scarring and stretch marks.

Upcycle Raspberry Seed Oil - Our upcycled raspberry oil is full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids, but completely free from waste! A by-product of the fruit and jam industry, our raspberry seeds are naturally cold-pressed to create a fresh oil with a pleasant and light fruity aroma that helps promote cell regeneration for smooth, silky skin.

Pomegranate Seed Oil - This 100% natural oil has been cold-pressed to ensure that all of the antioxidants and essential fatty acids found in the pomegranate seeds have made their way into your skincare product to help promote cellular regeneration and assist your skin in its recovery from scarring and stretch marks.

Organic Pomegranate Seeds

Pregnancy-friendly skincare

Our Pregnancy Safe Skincare Bundle

Featuring four products that are certified as pregnancy safe, so you can take care of you and your baby together, this pregnancy safe bundle includes our Radiant Glow 2-in-1 Mask Scrub (60ml), Hyaluronic Serum 200 (10ml), Daily Renew Facial Cream (30ml) and our Hyaluronic Eye Complex (10ml) so you can treat yourself to nourished, glowing and soothed skin from natural goodness.

Pregnancy safe skincare routine of 4 products from Evolve Organic Beauty

If you would like personalised pregnancy skincare advice, why not book a FREE bespoke consultation with our skin expert?