Spring Equinox Beauty and Wellness Rituals

Spring Equinox Beauty and Wellness Rituals

What is the Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox is an annual astronomical event that marks the official start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. During this time of year, the amount of daylight and night-time are equal and it is a time for new beginnings, as nature starts to bloom again after winter and the sun's energy begins to shine more brightly. In 2023, the Spring Equinox occurs on March 20th at 6:37 PM GMT.


The Pagan festival of Ostara

Pagan Festival of Ostara

The Pagan festival of Ostara is celebrated each Spring Equinox and is a time of rebirth and renewal. This ancient holiday celebrates the changing of the seasons, as well as the balance between day and night. It is a joyous occasion that honors fertility, abundance and fresh beginnings.

The astrology of the Spring Equinox

During the Spring Equinox , the Sun enters Aries, marking the start of the new astrological year and is a powerful time for setting intentions for personal growth and transformation. As cardinal energy associated with birth and beginnings, Aries represents taking action to manifest your dreams. This can be a great time to begin new projects, make changes in your life and take risks for something you believe in. With the fire sign energy associated with Aries, it's also likely that you may feel more inspired and eager to push yourself out of your comfort zone in order to get closer to achieving your goals.


Connect to Nature

With the arrival of this new season comes a miraculous renewal of energy that compels us to embrace nature and reconnect with our environment. Start by stepping outside to thoroughly enjoy the change in weather and scenery. Appreciate nature's gifts such as bright wildflowers, delicate seashells, and colorful leaves - why not gather these lovelies up and create your very own seasonal bouquet? Make use of those lengthening daylight hours by getting out for some Vitamin D-infused walks or hikes through natural areas nearby.

Visit your local farmer's market or community garden and pick up some produce that is perfectly in season. In addition, plan an outdoor picnic in a park or wooded area so you can savor delightful dishes amongst all the beauty that surrounds. Listen to birdsong and observe wildlife around you -weave their melodies into your day as you traverse the local trails. It's time to celebrate Spring!


A relaxing equinox bathing ritual

Bathing ritual

As the start of this new season, take time to take a step back and honor yourself with an evening ritual full of self-care. Allow your mind and body to reconnect through yoga or meditation and tap into the present moment.

Anoint your skin with natural ingredients by creating a herbal bath with essential oils, such as our Silent Night Bathing Salts made with Dead Sea salt, Epsom salt and Himalayan salt and a blend of essential oils proven to help you sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed.

Silent Night Bath salts

After you soak away stress, replenish and soften your skin by exfoliating with our Tropical Blossom Body Polish followed by our nourishing Super Berry Body Oil for hydration. Make this space for yourself and open yourself to its life-changing effects.

Body polish

Detoxify and balance skin with a gua sha ritual

As an ancient Chinese healing practice, Gua Sha has proven to be a wonderful way to help detoxify your skin. It's performed by using a special crystal tool to massage and lift the face, neck, and décolleté which reduces puffiness and increases circulation. On top of this, it can stimulate collagen production too! To maximize these benefits even further, consider incorporating a facial oil into the ritual so the gua sha can slide easily over the skin. Try using our blue velvet ceramide serum – which helps to replenish the skin's barrier layer.

Blue Velvet

Nourish your Body

Spring Equinox is a time for a new beginning, so what better way to jumpstart the season than detoxing and nourishing your body?

Try adding liver-cleansing foods to your diet, such as garlic, celery and artichokes, which help with liver health. Incorporating seasonal ingredients like fresh fruits and vegetables will also provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals.

Finally, make sure you stay active with regular exercise; even light activities can help boost your energy levels greatly. Nourishing yourself this spring equinox can leave you feeling ready to take on whatever life throws at you.

Liver cleansing tea recipe

Tea is one of the most effective and easy ways to incorporate liver-cleansing ingredients into your life. Rosemary, bay leaf and lemon are three herbs full of beneficial ingredients that can help in detoxifying the body.

Rosemary has been scientifically proven to reduce toxins from our liver and bay leaf helps with digestion.

Additionally, lemon has vitamins like vitamin C, minerals and cellular enzymes which can help keep your liver healthy. When brewed together, these herbs become even more powerful due to their unique properties. This tea can be a great way to incorporate natural cleansing into your everyday life!

Establish New Habits

Intention setting

Now is the perfect time to use the power of intention setting on behalf of your present and future. As we reach this Spring Equinox and the sun crosses over the equator, take some time to sit with yourself and reflect on what intention you would like to hold close for the following 12 months. Is there something you want to start? How can you prioritize it in your day-to-day life? Is there something that needs extra healing attention?

Whatever it may be, intention setting at this beautiful juncture in our year can bring a renewed focus to what brings meaning and joy into our lives. So don’t let this moment pass! Use it as an opportunity to jumpstart a habit that leads to improved well being, or just set aside some moments each day that are just for you. Start small and build upon it; intention setting will give you the opportunity to make positive changes in your life during this vibrant season.


This spring equinox season is the perfect time to start taking the steps towards a new you!

Begin your journey by decluttering and getting rid of unnecessary and outdated items in your closet or workspace. Once you've cleared out all of the chaos, it will be easier to create goals and plans for yourself that take into account your physical and mental energy.

Incorporate a healthy new routine into your weekly schedule and set aside some additional time in the day for yourself. You could use this time to pick up an exciting hobby, such as gardening or painting, that can help center your focus while bringing joy! Celebrate yourself during this equinox season as you break onto a newly paved path on the journey to becoming your best self.


The Spring Equinox is a time of renewal and rejuvenation, so make sure to use this opportunity to your advantage. Incorporate liver-cleansing foods into your diet, stay active with regular exercise, try adding facial oils and cleansing tea recipes for an extra boost in detoxifying the body. Most importantly, set intentions for yourself that will help you focus on what brings joy and meaning into our lives. Finally, don’t forget to declutter and create healthy habits that reflect who you want to be! Renewal starts from within; take charge of it now as we start anew during this beautiful season!