Our New Super Berry Body & Shower Oils

Our New Super Berry Body & Shower Oils

We want to introduce our two brand new products, our Super Berry Body Oil and our Super Berry Bath and Shower Oil.  We're delighted to announce the two new additions to our oil range which are both formulated with our natural red berry fragrance, which lingers on your skin after application and is allergen-free, making both of these brand new oils pregnancy friendly.

Super Berry Bath & Shower Oil

Our Super Berry Bath and Shower Oil is a luxurious alternative to traditional bubble bath and shower gels, making your bath or shower routine a real at-home spa experience. Designed to clean and moisturise your skin in one relaxing step. This waterless shower and bath oil is made up of oil cleansers, which will transform into a milky emulsion when cleansing the skin without disturbing its protective barrier.

It’s range of organic ingredients include Pomegranate Seed Oil to help protect and nourish your skin for longer, and upcycled raspberry oil which has been repurposed from the jam/juicing industry and added to this oil for its antioxidants and essential fatty acids. 

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Super Berry Body Oil

We also have our new Super Berry Body Oil which we have created to help revive skin, working to nourish your body whilst improving the appearance of scars and stretch marks. This lightweight oil absorbs into the skin quickly and easily, making it perfect for mornings when you have to get dressed without time to spare.

This nourishing oil is packed with ingredients such as Chilean Rosehip Oil to aid in the recovery process of scars and stretch marks, and antioxidant rich Pomegranate Seed Oil to help with cell regeneration and skin repair.

You can either use this body oil on its own or mix into your favourite moisturising cream for an extra boost. 

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How To Use Our Shower Oil

If you want to turn your morning shower into a little moment of luxury, then our Super Berry Bath and Shower Oil is perfect. It can really help to make your morning routines that little bit more speedy too as it helps to clean your skin and lock in moisture in one simple step. It is also pregnancy friendly due to its delicate natural red berry fragrance.

To use our Super Berry Bath and Shower Oil simply apply a palmful and massage evenly across your body. Then step into your warm bath or shower and allow the water to mix with the oil cleansers and turn into a milky emulsion before easily washing away. This helps to clean the skin without disturbing its protective barrier. Leaving your skin protected, cleansed and moisturised. 

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How To Use Our Body Oil

Our Super Berry Body Oil is designed to not only leave your skin smelling delicious with its pregnancy friendly natural red berry fragrance, but it is also packed full of ingredients that help to enhance cellular turnover and leave your skin looking its best. 

This hydrating body oil absorbs into your skin quickly, leaving it soft and not sticky - so you can go from skin unrest to dressed in 5 minutes, making it perfect for those busy mornings.

To use our Super Berry Body Oil simply spray directly onto dry or damp skin and gently massage in until fully absorbed. Focus on the areas that might be prone to scars and stretch marks or dryness.

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