New product launch: Cotton Fresh Deodorant Cream

New product launch: Cotton Fresh Deodorant Cream

We are beyond excited to introduce you to our brand new natural deodorant which ensures long lasting freshness whilst gently nourishing your skin with Organic Shea Butter and Coconut Oil.


Our deodorant is free from all nasties and is free from aluminium salts.


From Our Testers... 

"Loved the smell, really impressed at the way it was absorbed and kept me smelling sweet all day, especially during a period of the hottest weather in 40 years!"

 "This deodorant is hands down the best I have tried in terms of performance, quality of ingredients and overall experience. "

"I used this for two weeks over the June heatwave and for 4 days at Glastonbury festival and it was excellent!"


cotton fresh deodorant cream

99% Natural & 61.50% Organic