Make Every Day A Good Hair Day with Julie Read

Make Every Day A Good Hair Day with Julie Read

At Evolve we’re all about learning from the experts.  Those, artisans, makers, stylists and influencers who really know and understand their craft and are willing to share that knowledge with us.

That’s why we were so excited to sit down with celebrity (and Laura’s) hairstylist Julie Read, for a chat about what life on the front-line of hair styling is really like, but also to steal her very best A-List tips and product recommendations to make every day your best hair day.


Tell us about yourself

I’ve been a hairdresser for 36 years, starting at college and moving to a salon.  I’m fortunate in that I’ve been all around the world teaching, and now I work on-shoots doing hair and makeup.

What do you do when not being a hairdresser?

My job is demanding so I like to keep fit and healthy with yoga, the gym and being outside!

What’s your favourite bit about the job?

There are lots of brilliant bits, but for me, travelling is what makes the job amazing - I often get to visit South Africa which is beautiful and I loved one shoot in Sri Lanka with an Elephant.

It’s  the variety that makes it so exciting!


That sounds wonderful and speaking of travel and being busy,  what are your key ‘summer/travel’ hair tips, for great looking hair with ease?

If you’ve long hair, I am a big fan of boho, beachy styles.   If you’ve got a natural wave great, if not mousse it and blow dry, then tong mid-way to the ends and spray a salt spray through the ends.  

The trick is to rub the ends once the salt spray has dried - don’t be afraid to get your hands into your hair for texture

The short hair looks that I like the most at the moment are really natural - I love  good salt spray (Bumble and Bumble are great).  Scrunch and add some texture - even a smooth blow dry looks better with that spray.


A big question we’re asked with our hair products is how to care for hair as we get older - any tips and advice we can share?

My key trick is in the conditioner - most people slap it on then rinse it, but you need to comb it through. I also use Evolve’s hair oil before and after blow drying but only on the ends so you keep volume but add shine.  

It’s a brilliant product for conditioning, soothing frizz and make hair look really glossy without any product residue.


We often get people trying us with damaged, or dry hair from too much overprocessing - how can people look after their hair better without compromising on style?

Bleaching is hugely fashionable at the moment but take it easy - always see a professional.

Even I’d ask someone else to do mine rather than do it myself.  And be aware that even if you bleach for a short while, you really dry the hair, so use a weekly hair mask like Kerastase to ensure it retains elasticity.

Also, don’t tie it up too tight, it really stresses the scalp and leads to such damage at the front of the head.

Other than that, it’s really about common sense.  Don’t overdry, trim regularly,lay off the hairdryer at least one day a week and use a lovely hair oil to protect from heat damage.

What do you think about coconut oil as a hair repair tool?

I think oils are quite nice for hair full stop and whilst I haven’t tried it myself I certainly wouldn’t see the harm.   Ingredients like coconut can be great and also Baobab, which is especially soothing for sensitive or dry scalps.


Which hair trend do you wish would never come back?

Tight perms - where you look like there’s a pom pom on your head!

Finally, as a professional, how you do you feel about mainstream ‘chemical’ hair care versus organic and natural haircare?

I try to use natural where I can,  it’s generally kinder and less irritating for the scalp and lengths.  It can be tough for styling though as the products don’t always deliver the same results. I have noticed much better standards in recent years, so I’m hopeful that that is changing!

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