Look Deeper into Eye Care

Look Deeper into Eye Care

Sometimes, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the variety of products designed for our faces. From serums to spritzes, there’s a product for every need and desire! Unfortunately, that means that some of the essential choices can be overlooked - maybe it’s easier to use moisturiser as a multi-tasking eye cream, as well? While that would be handy, it’s actually the case that the delicate under-eye area has different requirements from the rest of your face, kind of like your lips! That’s one of the reasons why eyes need a separate product: they require more intense nourishment. On top of that, the under-eye area tends to be less prone to blemishes and oiliness, so can stand a richer formula without breaking out. Here, we look into whether or not you need an eye cream...


The skin around the eyes is thinner than on the rest of your face, with smaller blood vessels, which makes it one of the first places you’ll see signs of physical problems: lack of sleep, illness, and dehydration are all culprits that cause lacklustre under-eyes. Sadly, this isn’t a case of you seeing flaws that nobody else would notice: studies in Sweden and the Netherlands have proven that people who look tired are less attractive to others - and the eye area is one of the quickest to give you away.




One of the most common reasons people initially reach for an eye cream is that they’re getting a few wrinkles and fine lines around the area. While we’d advocate for prevention rather than cure, opting for an eye cream at the onset of any signs of ageing will still be helpful. Though age certainly plays a role in creating these pesky wrinkles, they can also be brought about by sun exposure, and we’d recommend using our Climate Veil Tinted SPF 20 to protect your skin from UV damage. Wrinkles and lines are predominantly caused by skin losing its elasticity and hydration - whether through UV damage, stress, or simply the passing of years - and that’s where an eye cream can really help. One of our favourite ingredients to use is low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid, which holds on to 1000x its weight in water. This makes it a fantastic moisturiser, and the newly hydrated skin becomes plump and bouncy, filling out any fine lines. We love the effects of Hyaluronic Acid so much, in fact, that it’s one of the star ingredients in our Hyaluronic Eye Complex!


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Dark or puffy bags under the eyes, though, are equally problematic, and most people don’t think that an eye cream can help out. Thankfully, that’s where they’re wrong! One of the best ways to de-puff eyes is to apply something cooling. You could opt for the traditional cucumber slices, but we’ve got something better: our Eye Complex uses organic Cucumber Extract, which helps to soothe inflamed and swollen areas. This way, you get the benefits of cucumber, a dose of the other nourishing ingredients, and you get to see where you’re going! Win win if you ask us. Additionally, the applicator has a cooling ball-tip, which gently massages the under-eye area, getting the blood flow going and further reducing any puffiness and dark circles.


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Then there’s our powerful secret ingredient: Tuberose Plant Stem Cells are clinically proven to target all three under eye offenders: it promises to be anti-wrinkle, anti-circle, and anti-puffiness! This is because it improves micro-circulation in the skin, getting rid of any fluid build up that’s been caused by dehydration or stress. On top of that, it evens out your skin colour, thereby brightening the under eye area and making you look more awake and lively, and it soothes and moisturises!



All that said, you might not need an eye cream at all. If your stress (and sleep!) levels are under control, your diet is fine and your skin is glowing, then there’s a good chance an eye cream won’t enhance your features any more. What you should be looking out for, though, are preventative steps: wearing UV-resistant sunglasses and SPF to protect your skin from damage. You can still use an eye cream if you feel like your eyes’ needs aren’t being met by your regular face cream, and the skin needs an extra hydration boost, or if you’re prepping for the coming few years - like we are!