Laura's blog: My Amazon Experience

Laura's blog: My Amazon Experience

We work with an innovative Brazilian company who ethically source cosmetic ingredients from the Amazon and other Brazilian ecosystems. They benefit more than 2,500 families in 105 communities throughout Brazil, in addition to preserving the country’s native natural resources. Laura travelled to the rainforest to see first hand why this makes a positive difference.

“I flew to Manaus, the capital of the Amazonian state in Brazil, where I met a forestry professor who specialised in the conservation of rainforest plants and sustainable production of cosmetic raw materials. Together we travelled to Maues, a small town in the heart of the rainforest. There are no roads to Maues so we flew on a light plane, where we could see the drought that was then affecting the Amazon basin. To reach the local community that we visited, we travelled in a small boat, passing sandbanks with alligators as we went. The village was very poor, with small huts on stilts. Villagers lived a subsistence lifestyle, clear-cutting forest and burning it to clear areas to grow manioc, a subsistence crop. We talked to them about opportunities to harvest valuable ingredients from the trees to make it attractive to conserve them. The people we met were very excited about working with ethical producers who could create sustainable production schemes they could participate in. We are committed to working with ethical ingredients companies to source effective ingredients that make a positive difference to local communities and ecosystems.”

Images of my time in the Rainforest researching products for natural skincare use

Our 3 Amazonian ingredients work in synergy to improve the health of blemish-prone skin, reducing the appearance of blemishes by an average of 42%, the appearance of blocked pores by 72% and oil production by 65%. Copaiba is a powerful anti bacterial and astringent that helps to balance the skin and encourage healing. Andiroba possesses a unique combination of essential fatty acids and is known as a powerful anti-inflammatory. Finally, Acai, with its deep purple berries, is one of the highest known sources of antioxidants. 

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