It's Our 11th Birthday!

It's Our 11th Birthday!

We have been creating organic skincare products for our lovely customers for over a decade now, because this month Evolve Organic Beauty turns 11 years old!

Our founder, Laura, started Evolve in 2009 as a way to make it easier for people to take small steps towards being healthier and greener in their everyday lives. Inspired by her own skin journey, Evolve Organic Beauty was born.


Then And Now

Evolve started its journey as a small enterprise run from home, and now we employ over 30 people from our Eco Studio in Hertfordshire! The Evolve family is growing each day, not only with our team, but with more lovely customers joining us on our journey too. 

We believe that it is really important to keep on innovating and pushing Evolve to be the best it can be. We want to be the voice at the forefront of green beauty and are constantly changing, adapting and introducing new ways to do so. Creating sustainable and beautiful packaging has been important since the very start of Evolve. When we were a brand new 1 year old brand in 2010 we won an award for Best New Packaging Design in the Natural and Organic Awards! This was for our original packaging, coloured bottled made out of recycled milk bottles. Since then our packaging has changed its appearance and evolved with our brand, but is still created with recycled materials such as card and glass.

recyclable packaging

Expanding Our Horizons

We love working directly with our customers, and hearing how our products have helped you and your skin is exactly the reason why Laura started Evolve. Whilst we are still a small business, hand making all of our organic products in our Eco Studio and working together as a family, we are now lucky enough to be working with some amazing retailers all over the world!

It is amazing to think that 11 years on from starting in one room, Evolve is now sitting on bathroom shelves and dressing tables all over the planet! By working alongside popular retailers like John Lewis, a lot more of you have been able to find our products and join us on our journey. 

john lewis

Being in stores like this means that we can take caring for our customers further, and gives us the chance to meet you all and support you directly with choosing the perfect products for you. However, we know that situations have changed slightly with restrictions being put in place, but we want you to know that you, as our customers, are still the most important thing to us. Which is why we launched our free bespoke online consultations, so you can video chat directly with our skincare experts and let us help you pick your new favourite routine from the comfort of your own home!


Giving Back

Although we are still a small business, we try to do everything we can to give back when it is possible. And this year we were lucky enough to be in the position to do so, thanks to our dedicated team and also our generous customers. During the pandemic we raised over £30,000 in donation for NHS staff, from gifting them pampering gift sets to help them relax their body and mind after exhausting shifts, to donating hand cleansers and lotions to restore the dry, damaged hands that have been working endlessly for months to save lives.

You also helped to give back to those in need, by purchasing our Keep Calm & Spray On hand cleanser. Our Buy One & Donate One scheme means that when you purchase a Keep Calm And Spray On Cleanser, we are able to donate a bottle to a charity or good cause that needs it on your behalf. So we all pulled together to help each other out. 

organic hand sanitiser

What We Continue To Do

The last 11 years have been an amazing journey. We have had time to learn, grow, challenge and evolve not only with our brand, but as individuals too. We want to continue on our journey of sustainability and green beauty and continue to push ourselves to learn more and do more. We are constantly learning new things, tweaking our products to help them perform better, and finding new exciting ingredients, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s what keeps helping Evolve to evolve.

We hope you enjoy joining us on our journey and we are so looking forward to spending many more years to come with your support and love!