6 Reasons To Love A ‘Skintelligent’ Facial Mist

6 Reasons To Love A ‘Skintelligent’ Facial Mist

Today we launch our latest member of the Evolve Family - Daily Defence Moisture Mist.

A dual purpose non-astringent toner and moisturising facial mist, Daily defence is your must-have summer skincare choice for fresh, glowing skin all-day long.

Using a freshening, hydrating tonic following your cleansing regime is vital but what makes the mist special is how much more than this it does for your skin.

1.  It helps to protect skin against environmental damage
90% of people who live in built up, urban areas have environmentally damaged skin which leads to premature skin ageing. Our Daily Defence Mist contains African Moringa Peptides which provide an additional barrier layer to protect skin cells from pollutants and to purify the skin.
2. It helps to moisturise your skin.
Skin hydration is one of the most common skin concerns and it is no surprise when you think about all of the moisture thieves we come across on a daily basis: air conditioning, central heating, travelling on stuffy public transport to name a few.  
Non-astringent Toners can help to absorb the products which is being put on top of it, so is an excellent step before moisturiser and serum.
3. It refreshes your skin.
When your skin is feeling dry and tight a spritz of a face mist can instantly refresh and rehydrate your skin.
Daily Defence Moisture mist is infused with Rose and Orange water which gives it has a zesty kick to perk up your mood

PRO TIP: Pop a bottle in the fridge on a hot day for a cooling and refreshing moisture mist

4. It helps to set your makeup
Sprayed on top of makeup, the Daily Defence Moisture Mist can help to set your makeup and also can provide a dewy look to matte foundation.
Leaving you with a natural looking glow and eradicates the caked on makeup look!
5. It can be your perfect travel partner
When you are on a flight your skin loses incredible amounts of moisture as the  lack of humidity in the air cabin at only 10-20%! Moisture mists help to retain the skin's moisture.
Evolve’s Daily Defence Moisture Mist contains Hyaluronic acid which is known for its ability to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water helping to lock in moisture. A light spritz also is the perfect end of flight pick me up!
6. It can soothe and calm your skin
Daily Defence Moisture Mist contain Prickly Pear, this ingenious ingredient is non-irritating so it is perfect for sensitive skin. The soothing properties calm inflammation, reduce redness and protect skin to prevent future irritation.