Ingredient Focus: Sacha Inchi

Ingredient Focus: Sacha Inchi

We’re wiling to bet that out of all our ingredients, it’s Sacha Inchi peptides you’re most unsure about. They’re a pretty exotic choice, and come from around the Amazon, particularly in the Peruvian section. While Sacha Inchi is almost unheard of in the UK, it has blossomed in popularity in the States thanks to its superfood status. Over there, it’s often marketed as a kind of nut, though in fact it’s a seed, and it’s commonly referred to as a Sacha peanut or mountain peanut.

Peruvian Sacha Inchi

So what does this mysterious ingredient do? As mentioned above, it’s widely considered a superfood and has been hitting the shelves in America alongside the likes of goji berries and matcha. One of the reasons for this is its incredibly high Omega-3 content: it has around  seventeen times more per ounce than wild Sockeye salmon, which is obviously itself a go-to source of healthy fatty acids like Omega-3. Great news for veggies and vegans! Sacha Inchi seeds are also more versatile than salmon: their deliciously nutty flavour lends itself to snacking on covered by light dusting of salt or spice, as well as being sprinkled over porridge or stirred into smoothies in powder form. Omega-3 helps to reduce your risk of heart disease, and has been shown to be a factor in fighting both depression and anxiety. There have even been studies that link Omega-3 supplements to a decrease in age-related mental decline and the risk of developing some cancers, though more research is needed on both subjects. Omega-3 also inhibits the production of some substances during your body’s inflammatory response, so is a great thing to reach for if you suffer from angry red skin or breakouts.

Sacha Inchi

Based on that information, you’d think the little seeds were filled to the brim with just Omega-3, but not so: they also contain the amino acid tryptophan, which helps your body to produce serotonin, the happiness hormone! Serotonin is actually a neurotransmitter as well as a hormone, and helps your brain to release stress, lowering your cortisol levels. We all know how bad high cortisol levels are for your skin! Serotonin also helps you to feel fuller for longer, so Sacha Inchi seeds are fab if you’re trying to lose weight, or cut down on sweet treats. These all make Sacha Inchi seeds a great replacement for the endorphin-boost of chocolate, and you can snack on them knowing that they also contain a healthy dose of fibre, so will be helping your digestion at the same time.

We reckon boosting your overall health is a great way to make your skin look fab - it is the largest organ in your body, after all! The impressive Sacha Inchi has yet more to offer, though: the eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted it in a couple of our favourite skin care products. It’s a key ingredient in both the products in our Age Smarter 360 range, which aims to combat the telltale signs of ageing whilst preventing any new damage, as well as keeping your skin wonderfully nourished, of course!

Sacha Inchi peptides are used in these products to improve the firmness of facial skin, reduce wrinkles, and smooth out your skin.

Sacha Inchi

If this sounds like something you need in your life (and we know we do!), check out the two superstars for yourself. For a concentrated dose of potent ingredients, look no further than our Superfood 360 SerumThis combines Sacha Inchi peptides with Peruvian Maca - which boosts your skin’s natural radiance while promoting cell renewal - and Cacay Oil, which helps to support the skin barrier and keep moisture locked into your skin.

Meanwhile, our Multi-Peptide 360 Moisture Cream works with coconut peptides to smooth skin and decrease the number of wrinkles. Cupuacu Butter supports your skin’s natural elasticity - hello bouncy, supple skin! - while Prickly Pear calms and hydrates. It’s quite the cocktail, and best for drier skin types, which will be feeling moisturised and calmed in no time!

Whether you incorporate this superfood into your diet or your skincare regimen, it’ll do a world of good. As a bonus, they come in cute star-shaped pods, so are eminently photogenic! It’s a great idea to up your intake of Omega-3 around your menstrual cycle, as it has been linked to reduced cramping pain. That said, the myriad other benefits - including regulating cholesterol levels in your body - warrant it being a staple in your diet anyway!

Why not try stirring some of the powder into an easy salad dressing for a nutty taste and a superfood boost, and adding the ingredient into your skincare routine with one of our fab products?