Head to toe pre-party beauty checklist

Head To Toe Pre-Party Beauty Checklist

Flawless Hair - CHECK
Radiant Skin- CHECK
Smooth, glowing Body- CHECK
Head to toe, we have your Christmas Season party beauty regime sorted!

Flawless Hair

Do you want luscious locks for the whole office to envy at this year’s Christmas party?
Look no further: Our Haircare Essentials kit contains a trio of haircare heaven; Superfood Shine Shampoo, packed with African Superfood Baobab detangles, smoothes and boosts shine. Follow up with the Superfood Shine Conditioner which features Organic Shea Butter and Tahitian Monoi to nourish and protect your hair follicles.
After washing, use 2 drops of our Nourishing Hair Elixir on damp hair to give it the glossiest shine.
Top tip: You can also use it sparingly on dry hair to tame flyaways!

Radiant Skin 

Pre-party pampering is our favourite part of the night and it couldn't get more enjoyable than this...
Our Radiant Glow Mask is the face mask of the season. Not only does it smell good enough to eat (literally) but energising mineral rich Raw Organic Cacao boosts radiance whilst Kaolin removes any impurities. Just add water to turn it from a rich chocolatey mask to an exfoliating milk chocolate lotion which gently exfoliates with ground coconut shells as you remove it.
 Your skin will be left radiant and fresh; the perfect base for your party makeup.
INSIDER SECRET - Evolve’s resident celebrity Makeup Artist Amber Kear swears by our Daily Renew Facial Cream as an amazing skin base for foundation for a luminous dewy base and to nourish dry skin. Perfect teamed with a matte lip or a dark eye.

Smooth, Glowing Body 

Start your pre-party preparations with our Tropical Blossom Body Polish, which buffs skin to smooth perfection with fine particles of organic sugar.
Top tip: if you use it in the bath it will melt into the water and leave a gorgeous hibiscus and gardenia fragrance to get you into the party mood. Why not apply your facial mask at the same time for the ultimate treat?
 If you dare to bare this year, make sure that you have our Satin Leg Gloss at the ready to give your legs (plus arms and decolletage) a festive sparkle. With Organic Camellia and fine gold mica, this luxurious body oil moisturises skin whilst leaving a subtle gold shimmer. So you can glow all night long!
Top tip: apply down the centre of your shins to visually lengthen your pins

Tick all of this off and you will glow brighter than the star on the top of the tree this party season.