Why we decided to create a new evolve collection

Why we decided to create a new evolve collection

Our new collection launches later this month, which means a brand new look and a set of brand new products. 

So what is behind this new development?

About 9 months ago we decided to open our own studio. Up until that point all of our products had been produced by an organically certified, family run beauty manufacturer based in the East of England. Although we were very happy with our old range, we felt that we could become more innovative and make fresher, more exciting products if we made them ourselves in small batches. 

Gradually, over the last 9 months we have been scaling up what we do in the studio. We started out just sending out orders, then manufacturing our existing recipes into our existing bottles. We've been slowly gathering the equipment we need and developing and testing a new set of recipes we can make by hand using the very highest quality organic oils and extracts  

Earlier this spring we stopped making our old range and sold the last of the old stock. The new collection will launch at Natural Products Europe on 19th April and will be available from May onwards. We hope you like it!