What is Slow Beauty?

What is Slow Beauty?

The pace of the world is ever increasing - everything is instant and we always want more of it. A phrase that has been popping up a lot lately is ”Fast Fashion”. Fast fashion is described as inexpensive clothing that is mass produced by high street retailers, following the latest fashion trends. These items are churned out fast, straight from the runway into stores to keep up with demand and are often forgotten about when the hype dies down. The sheer volume production has a huge impact on the environment and its something people are people are wanting to change. However, practicing the art of “less is more” can be difficult at times especially when online shopping is so convenient!


Fast fashion

The opposite of fast fashion would be to buy staple pieces for your wardrobe that are classic and timeless. The price point of these items may be higher than fast fashion, but that is reflected in the quality. By investing in them, over time, you are actually saving money and the environment. We like to extend this idea to our beauty routines as well, centering them around the idea of slow beauty - but what does it actually entail?

Slow beauty can be considered as a holistic concept - that is, it takes all areas of your life into account. It’s not only about skincare but more so about wellbeing as a whole. Getting a good night's sleep and making sure your body is getting a nutritional, balanced diet are both part of what slow beauty is, because at its core, slow beauty is a lifestyle choice. It also takes into account the environment and promotes sustainability through every aspect of production. It raises questions as to how the ingredients are sourced and the overall impact it has on the world around us. Even the packaging itself needs to reflect the same ideology and supports sustainability. All these factors come together to promote the movement of slow beauty.

Taking the time to choose what products to buy can be difficult as we are so used to being bombarded with adverts, encouraging us to buy, buy, buy. It can be tempting to jump on the next beauty trend simply because everyone else is! Instead of buying into a hype that may come and go in a flash, slow beauty encourages us to think about what we really need from a product and make informed decisions on what we spend our money on. We are then able to really appreciate what we buy and know that it’s a right fit for us and not just a peer pressure purchase.natural ingredients

The easiest first step in your slow beauty journey is to look for products that are natural and better yet organic to provide your skin with the purest of ingredients. Plant extracts and natural oils are things to look out for in you skincare. Mother Nature has done an amazing job of looking after us, it’s only right we do everything in our power to take care of her in return. 

Slow beauty advocates an approach from an ecological and responsible perspective, looking for ingredients that are ethical and sustainable. Packaging that can be recycled is great for the environment and just knowing you are doing your bit for the world can really be a boost! Upcycling is also a great way to get the most out of your beauty products. When you finish your next night cream, why not reuse the jar and turn it into a pot for a gorgeous succulent plant?




Another core idea of slow beauty is that you should invest in your skincare and not expect instant or overnight results. In a world full of quick fixes, it can be hard to see the benefit of using the same gentle products night after night. In reality, not only is it better for your skin in a lot of cases, but the results from those speedy treatments are only temporary - whilst investing in a quality skincare ritual sees slower, but longer lasting, results. Slow beauty products focus on improving your skin's own functions, like the rate of cell turnover, so that the effects of the product can be seen working long after you apply it. It’s also good to know that the skin renews itself every 28 days on average and this rate slows as you get older. It’s important to give your chosen beauty product time to work its magic, which is not possible if you like to product hop! It’s recommended to try a new product for at least 28 days to really seeing the benefits - so be patient!

Taking time out for yourself is not only part of slow beauty, but also essential for mental wellbeing. Everyone loves to be pampered and the act of doing so releases endorphins, boosting your mood - why not make that a daily occurrence? Recreate that spa environment at home and indulge yourself. Choose products that you are excited to use - taking your make up off at the end of the day doesn’t have to be a chore. It adds an element of luxury to life when you look forward to washing your face! Let it be a wind down ritual before bed and take an extra couple of minutes to massage a cleansing balm into your face, really taking in the gorgeous scent. A facial massage has a wealth of benefits too, including stimulating circulation. It doesn’t have to take a long time, but a regular skincare ritual is a great start to a healthy pattern. Once you’ve finished, you could read for a quarter of an hour or so, allowing your skincare to sink into your skin (instead of smearing onto your pillow!) and your brain to reset from screen time. Then, it’s just the first step in a nightly ritual which helps you to get a good night’s sleep and have a fantastic day!



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