Self care Strategies

Self care Strategies

September can be a stressful time. Whether we’re shepherding reluctant children back into classrooms or simply mourning the advent of autumn, the inevitable shift to cooler weather and the memory of school days long past can make us a bit gloomy. This month can feel like a new beginning should be around the corner and if it isn’t, life can begin to seem a bit mundane. It’s in moments like this that self care is of paramount importance: by taking a few minutes to check in our with bodies and rebalance how we’re feeling, we can lower stress levels and so prevent the rise of cortisol in our bodies - which does wonders in terms of anti-ageing!


reading before bed

Self care can mean a number of things to people, and it can seem like an overwhelming concept when you already feel as though you have no time! Step one in making sure you’re taking care of yourself doesn’t take up any extra time, though: it’s simply making sure you get a quality night’s sleep every night. Interrupted sleep doesn’t only mean under eye bags and a drop in concentration: it’s actually pretty bad for your overall health. When you don’t get enough quality sleep, your cortisol levels rise and you’re unable to heal and rejuvenate properly from the day’s activities. Cortisol triggers inflammation, which means you wake up with dull, patchy skin - and possibly even a spot or two! Worryingly, it also increases your heart rate and blood pressure - neither of which are good! Thankfully, it shouldn’t take too much to ensure you’re getting a good night’s sleep. Make sure your bedroom is the optimum temperature - around 16-18°C - and try to refrain from working or even watching television in bed. Ideally, you’ll have a solid hour of screen-free time before you snooze: one of our favourite ways to start winding down for the evening is with a relaxing skincare ritual. There’s no need for a screen as you’re splashing your face! Perhaps give your skin a gentle massage using our Gentle Cleansing Melt before following up with a calming moisturiser. Then, reading a chapter or two of your book before snuggling down means you’re not only screen-free, but you’re giving your skincare a chance to soak in, too!



Another easy switch is just to watch what you’re eating. You might not have considered meals to be a source of unhappiness, but what’s going on in your gut can have an incredible effect on your mind, too: 90% of serotonin - the happiness hormone - is actually made in your gut. If you’ve been feeling down for no discernible reason, take a look at what you’ve been eating, and try to include lots of fibre-rich fruit and veg to get your stomach working as it should. It’s so important to make time for yourself, even if you think you’re too busy, and to listen to what your body needs. So turn down that stress-inducing spin class your friend is dragging you to, and try some gentle Pilates instead! Alternatively, if you’re a keen runner and know going out will make you feel better, carve out some time in your schedule to practise. Running has the double benefit of exercise and getting you outside - and you can always listen to a podcast or audiobook at the same time.

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When we’re busy and focusing all our time on others, it’s easy to let our skincare slip down the list of priorities. We think it’s well worth looking after your skin - you have it for life! - and neglected skin can be itchy, dry, and even disheartening. Why not follow up your nighttime face routine with a bit of body care: massage is proven to stimulate blood flow and make your skin look fresher and glowing. We’d recommend gently buffing off dead skin cells with our Tropical Blossom Body Polish, whose uplifting scent will fill your shower and boost your mood! Exfoliation done, follow up with our indulgent Tropical Blossom Body Butter to enhance the scent, or one of our Aromatic Body Lotions for a lighter finish? Your skin will be in a great position to repair itself overnight, aided by all the fantastic ingredients we pack into our products, and you’re sure to wake up feeling smoother and happier. We’d say that’s worth an extra five minutes!

If you’re in need of a little more than a few minutes of pampering before bed, why not set aside a whole day every week when you can reconnect with your body? We like choosing Sunday, as a little self care not only banishes the Monday blues, but also sets you up for a productive week ahead. This could be the day you go for a long walk, or buy yourself some flowers to brighten up the house. However you choose to practise self care, make sure you don’t feel guilty about it - looking after your physical and mental health is so important, and self care plays a huge part in both.