Benefits Of Natural Deodorant

Benefits Of Natural Deodorant

We’re well versed in the benefits of natural skincare, but what we often don’t consider is an alternative to a product most of us use every day: deodorant.

It seems almost natural that deodorant should be unnatural - it’s a relatively recent addition to our grooming routines, and seems thoroughly rooted in the contemporary. It’s easy to assume that synthetic products are the only route, and dismiss natural products as ineffective, despite how much we trust them on the rest of our skin. But here’s the thing: our underarms are subjected to an awful lot.

Modern living means that many of us perform some sort of underarm hair removal, often leaving the skin sensitive and raw. Clothes then rub against the skin, which can lead to irritation and blemishes. They’re also dark and warm, and not often exposed to light or air, meaning that it’s a great breeding ground for odour-causing bacteria, hence the demand for deodorant.

Our underarms actually tend to be one of the most sensitive places on our bodies, and covering them in synthetic chemicals can exacerbate this issue. The most common antiperspirant ingredient are aluminium salts, which blocks the sweat glands and so prevents moisture from reaching the surface of the skin. Studies have found that underarm and breast tissue absorbs and retains traces of these aluminium salts, and the consequences of this are not yet known. The aluminium salts can also cause issues for those prone to sensitive skin, as it can further irritate the delicate area.

Natural Deodorant

Why switch to a natural deodorant?

The first thing to consider when thinking about making the switch to natural deodorant is the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant. Whilst antiperspirant works to stop you sweating entirely, deodorant allows sweat out of the body, generally absorbs some or all of the moisture, and neutralises the potential scent with a mixture of antibacterial ingredients and fragrance. Natural deodorant of course aims to recreate this effect with natural ingredients such as kaolin and bicarbonate of soda.

Another thing to consider is the pamper factor: at Evolve, we believe that the spa-like sense of enjoyment using a good skincare product can have is often felt but much overlooked (which is, in itself, a topic for another day). Your underarms are as much a part of your skin as your arms themselves are, and should be looked after in a similar fashion, if not with more care because of what they go through on a daily basis. Natural products feel more luxurious, and are more likely to contain ingredients that repair and revitalise your skin.

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Evolve's Cotton Fresh Natural Deodorant Cream

Our Cotton Fresh Natural Deodorant Cream is a perfect example: nourishing ingredients such as shea butter can help to soothe the skin after hair removal, and impart a whole host of vitamins to the area. Vitamin A smoothes out wrinkles and evens out skin tone whilst stimulating cell turnover to keep pores unclogged, which means a reduction in those pesky pimples. Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory properties, making it perfect for sensitive skin after hair removal. It also makes a fantastic moisturiser, which means your skin will be hydrated and happy whilst you stay dry.

Vitamin F is rich in omega-6, which is great for helping to maintain the protective layer of your skin, which is especially important after stripping it with hair removal products. All of these vitamins are found in shea butter, and the inclusion of it in our natural deodorant means your underarms stay healthier and more comfortable throughout the day. The cream also contains the similarly moisturising coconut oil, and sodium bicarbonate, both of which possess antibacterial properties which help to prevent the growth of odour-causing bacteria.

 The last reason to consider the switch is this: natural deodorant actually  works. It may seem counterintuitive to think about a gentler alternative to your usual pick, but reviews have shown time and time again that people are delighted with the results.

As with most skincare, everyone has individual needs and preferences for a natural deodorant, and sometimes you need to try out a few options to find what works. Why not start with our five-star Cotton Fresh Natural Deodorant Cream - it works to keep you fresh, and adds a little indulgence to your morning routine. The gentle, natural fragrance won’t irritate sensitive skin, and the soothing sage oil combats any post-shave redness.There’s even a delicate fragrance, so you can be sure you smell delightful all day!

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