How Can Slow Beauty Work For You?

How Can Slow Beauty Work For You?

Slow beauty is a lifestyle that is fairly new to a lot of people, and may take some time adjusting to. But overall, it can help you to make more sustainable choices, take time for yourself and teach you more about your impact on the environment.

There are so many different ways that you can incorporate slow beauty into your daily routine, even if it is one small aspect. In this blog we will be talking about different ways that you can incorporate slow beauty and some different slow beauty rituals that we love.


10 Ways You Can Incorporate Slow Beauty Into Your Routine


Try Going To Bed And Waking Up Earlier

This will allow you to take your time when it comes to your morning routine. Give yourself time to enjoy your routines and take the urgency of rushing around away, this will give you a great start to your day and leave you feeling more relaxed and prepared for the day ahead.

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Go For Green 

The best first step to take on any slow beauty journey is to look for products made with natural ingredients. For centuries our ancestors have been using natural ingredients on their skin, and there is one simple reason for it. It is because they work! Nature knows best when it comes to caring for your skin, rather than a short lived trend that uses mass produced products.

Use Products That Are Cruelty Free And Vegan

You may think that this comes hand in hand with shopping for natural products, but that may not always be the case. A product can be cruelty free without being vegan and vice versa, so it is really important to look at the products you are investing in and make sure you know exactly what you are buying.

Upcycle Your Products

Do you have a tendency to throw away your beauty products once you have finished with them? Why not try upcycling them instead? You can reuse jars to house your favourite small plants, or your bottles as plant misters! If you have smaller bottles then why not reuse them to hold smaller amounts of your favourite products? Perfect to pop into an overnight bag or suitcase when you travel!

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Think About The Packaging As Well As The Product

When it comes to slow beauty products, each part is important. From what goes into the product itself, how it is made, and even what it is packaged in. Products that are packaged with excess plastic can be harmful to the environment. So make sure you choose products that maintain their ethos all the way through to their packaging. Look for products packaged in recycled materials such as cardboard.

Take Your Time With Your Skincare

The joy of slow beauty is that it teaches us to enjoy our time with our skin. Slow beauty products are designed to be enjoyed full of delicate smells and gorgeous textures, so as you use them take it all in and admire the beauty of natural ingredients.

Take Time For Yourself

 A big part of slow beauty is taking time out for yourself. It is important to reward yourself or take some time to relax whenever you feel like it. If you have had a busy or stressful day, then take some time to wind down. Why not have a relaxing bath with your favourite products? Or chill out of an evening and wind down with your favourite film? These little steps we take are important for our mental wellbeing.

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Mindfulness Masking 

If you are looking for a great way to relax whilst enjoying some skin care then why not try to practice some mindfulness whilst using your favourite face mask. As your mask is sitting try thinking about three things you are grateful for. These don’t have to be huge things, perhaps you had a really delicious lunch, enjoyed a walk in the fresh air, or maybe you had a lovely phone call with someone you’ve missed. This will help you to feel more positive and teach you how to use small 5 minute gaps throughout your day to your advantage.

Learn A Small Ritual

This is a great tip if you are someone who is looking for ways to relax. Learning a simple ritual can be a great way to remove yourself from the pressures of the day, even if that is just for a few minutes. Why not remove your make up of an evening with a cleansing balm so you can incorporate a small massage? This will make something that can be seen as a chore into a more enjoyable experience that you can look forward to.

Stick To A Routine

Slow beauty products focus on improving your skin’s own functions, like the rate of cell turnover, meaning that the results of the product can be seen long after you apply it. This means that it is important to stick to your routine so you can give your products time to work their magic. It’s recommended to try a new product for at least 28 days to really see the benefits, something you wouldn’t be able to dedicate to if you’re jumping on board with a short lived fad.

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What Makes An Amazing Slow Beauty Product?

The first thing that makes for an amazing slow beauty product is natural ingredients that work. These products allow you to take care of yourself whilst also taking care of the world around you. 

Another thing that makes for an amazing slow beauty product is how it makes you feel. Slow beauty is as much about your own wellbeing as it is about the environment. You want to invest in products that bring you joy and make you excited to use them.

At Evolve it is really important to us to bring all aspects of slow beauty together through our skincare. This is why we fill our products with advanced natural ingredients to work alongside your skin to bring you great results. We also focus on how our products make you feel, how the smell and what experience they bring you when using them. 

Radiant Glow Mask

Our Radiant Glow Mask is an amazing slow beauty product in so many different ways. A big part of slow beauty is making more sustainable choices, and a great way to do that is buy using multi use products! This means that you can buy less and reduce your waste at the same time. Our Radiant Glow Mask is the perfect multi use product as it is a nourishing face mask and a gently exfoliating scrub too!

This gorgeous mask is blended with raw cacao and clay, which means it smells deliciously chocolatey, making it a treat for the senses as well as your skin. It is also 100% natural meaning that you can be assured that the only things that have gone into it were designed by mother nature herself.

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360 Smoothing Body Contour

The 360 Smoothing Body Contour is our newest addition and is another great slow beauty product made from 100% natural ingredients. One element of slow beauty is the science behind products. Slow beauty products are designed to give you long lasting results that stay long after you have been using the product, they work alongside your skin rather than giving fast short-lived results like some beauty fads and trends. Our 360 Smoothing Body Contour is designed to work alongside your body and deliver long lasting results.

Not only does our 360 Smoothing Body Contour work to maximise your skin health, it also provides a targeted boost improving skin’s elasticity and firmness whilst also increasing smoothness and hydration. Not only that but it also helps to calm redness and improve the appearance of keratosis pilaris and cellulite. 

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3 Slow Beauty Routines You Can Enjoy

If you want to enjoy slow beauty then here are three simple slow beauty routines that you can enjoy!

Evolve’s Dry Body Brushing Routine

This routine is perfect to do if you have 10 minutes in the morning, it will really help you wake up before the day ahead! It can help to improve the appearance of our skin, boost our immune system and even give us more energy! All you need is a dry body brush and your favourite body cream, we love using our 360 Smoothing Body Contour for all of its added benefits. 

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When you are enjoying this ritual be careful not to press too hard or brush over any sore skin such as sunburn!

  1. Begin at the soles of your feet and legs, brushing upwards in short strokes. Make sure that you are always brushing towards your heart. 
  2. Repeat the same brushing pattern on your arms. You should start with the palms of your hands and brush upwards towards your heart.
  3. Move onto your stomach and back. Here, rather than upwards strokes you should brush your skin in a circular clockwise motion. You should repeat the same brushing pattern on your back too.
  4. Step into a nice warm shower. This will help to wash away any dead skin cells that you have just exfoliated off your body. Once you have showered and your skin is dry you can then moisturise your skin with your favourite body cream.
  5. Use our brand new 360 Smoothing Body Contour to further nourish your skin. Carefully take some time to envelop your skin in our brand new firming cream that helps to smooth, firm and tone, helping you to feel confident in the skin you’re in. 

You can apply this directly onto your body, paying close attention to any problem areas. Massage it into your skin using circular motions. 

This final step can help to reduce muscle tension, further improve circulation, reduce your stress hormones and help to improve your skin’s texture. 


Relaxing Acupressure Massage

This ritual is great if you’ve had a particularly busy or stressful day and want to calm your body and mind.

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Acupressure targets your pressure points and helps to unblock them and regulate the flow of energy, releasing endorphins alongside other natural pain relievers. This massage works great with our Miracle Facial Oil and our Gentle Cleansing Melt! 

  1. To start this massage simply take a face oil or cleanser and warm it between your clean hands. When you are carrying out this massage on yourself be careful to use one finger with just the right amount of pressure, you want to be able to feel it but make sure to not leave any marks on your skin. 
  2. Start at either side of your nose, underneath your eyebrows. Gently massage this area in small circles for thirty seconds. 
  3. You can then move up to your ‘third eye’ in between your eyebrows and massage in small circular motions. This will help to relieve anxiety and also help to improve sleep.
  4. You can finally move to your temples. These are pressure points on either side of your face - just above the top of your ears. By massaging your temples you can help to relieve headaches, eye strain and dizziness.
  5. Place your index fingers at either side of your nose - where your nostril meets your cheeks. Gently massage for 30 seconds to help clear your nasal passages and relieve congestion and an itchy nose. Then move to your cupid’s bow - the space between your upper lip and tip of your nose. Gently massage in circular motions to restore focus and calm your mind. 


Eye Roller Ritual

This ritual helps to awaken tired eyes and refresh your skin!

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Use alongside our Hyaluronic Eye Complex to get the benefits of all of its amazing ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid to help moisturise the area and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It also contains Tuberose Plant Cells which are clinically proven to help specific eye concerns such as anti-wrinkle, anti dark circle and anti-puffiness benefits.

  1. Shake it to wake it! Holding it like a pen simply shake the product until the serum is evenly distributed around the roller ball. You’re now ready to apply! 
  2. Move the product around the eye area in a figure 8. Simply start under your right eye and move the applicator gently underneath your eye and over your brow bone.
  3. Then take it over the centre of your brows and towards your left eye going under the eye and back up around the brow bone again. The cool metal roller ball really adds to the massage sensation and helps to soothe the area as it goes.
  4. If you have any excess product around the eye area then gently pat it into the skin using your ring fingers. We use our ring fingers as these have the least pressure compared to our others and as this is a delicate area we want to be as gentle as possible!


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