What are the benefits of a Facial Oil?

What are the benefits of a Facial Oil?

Facial oil has slipped onto the beauty scene quietly, and fairly recently. It’s one of our core products, and a staple in quite a few of our colleagues' makeup routines, but how do you use a facial oil, and why should you?


First, let’s dispel a myth: only those with dry skin can use a facial oil. Luckily, this is simply not true! The primary function of an oil is to hydrate and to trap moisture in the skin, so it does work brilliantly for dry skin. However, because there are several different varieties of oil, it’s pretty much impossible that you won’t find one that works for you!

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While almost any facial oil will hydrate dry skin, there are a few to look out for if you have an oilier visage or if your goals are more varied than simple hydration. Argan Oil, for example, nourishes and repairs skin thanks to its vitamin E and fatty acids. This means it's great for giving ageing skin a plumping boost! Nigella Seed Oil, on the other hand, contains a bucket load of antioxidants and vitamin A, and has been used for centuries to combat atopic skin conditions. If you suffer from acne or are prone to redness, this is a great ingredient to look out for! Our delightful Miracle Facial Oil combines both of these and Rosehip Oil, which uses bio-retinol to promote cellular renewal and leave skin looking healthy and new. No wonder it has five stars!

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So, now we've established that everyone  can  use a facial oil, let's talk about how to use one. It can be a little daunting to put an oil on your face - especially if you already struggle with greasy skin - but we promise the benefits are worth it. Facial oils tend to be fairly concentrated, so you won't need too much, and you shouldn't end up looking like an oil slick! 

When you first add a facial oil to your routine, we recommend trying it out overnight. You should put it on last after any other products you're using - including moisturiser if you're after a hydration hit. Anything you use after putting the oil on won't reach its potential, because the oil will form a barrier on your skin that prevents products seeping through. This is great news in terms of the efficacy of the oil, though: because it forms that barrier, it seals in all the plush products you've already used. If you're using a variety of products, the order should be: cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser, oil (or any combination of those). Squeeze a few drops onto your hand or face and massage in - and remember, you can adjust the amount to what your skin needs.

It's also important to take the time to massage the oil into your face properly: a good facial massage will aid blood flow, which reduces any puffiness that has accumulated in your face. On top of that, the ingredients will have a chance to properly penetrate your skin for the best effect. We'd recommend taking a couple of minutes to yourself every evening to enjoy the effects. You can even practice a little mindfulness while you're massaging!




If you're still a bit cautious, try adding a couple of drops of the oil to your normal moisturiser. This will add an extra hydrating boost to your skin, without oversaturating your face. This trick also works if you want to use the oil in the morning, though the alternative is to just use it sparingly (and avoid the t-zone if you tend to get oiliest there).

Another option is to sheer out your foundation with a drop or two of the oil before applying it to your face - again, it's best to avoid the t-zone with this method. This will give you a gorgeously dewy glow: no matte faces here! This does depend on the type of oil and foundations you're using though, so have a play around.


Just like everything else in skincare, facial oils have a time and a place. It's up to you whether you want that time to be in the evenings, in the mornings, or even on a flight to prevent that unavoidably dehydrated skin. Top tip - top up the oil throughout the flight: not only will this keep your skin moisturised and prevent hydration seeping out into the air, but it'll also create a little me-time and a few spa-like moments in your journey to ease any stress. You'll arrive at your destination zen and glowing. Bon voyage!