Behind The Scenes - How We're Making Beauty Sustainable

Behind The Scenes - How We're Making Beauty Sustainable

We are artisan producers of natural and organic beauty products, and our aim is to make it as easy as possible for our lovely customers to be healthy and green in everyday life through enjoying our natural skin care.  

As we’re making it easier for you to be more green - it is important for us at Evolve to try and push ourselves to be more eco friendly in everyday life too!  

Last year we moved into our new eco studio in Hertfordshire which enables us to be even more greener than before.  Our new eco studio uses sustainable energy sources such as wind power and we’ve fitted it with eco-friendly motion activated LED lighting to save even more power.  

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Our whole team works in the same studio - meaning that we can communicate quickly and all get to know each other's roles inside out.  It also means that we can just pop into another section of the eco studio if we fancy a chat!

Where your products are made

All your products are mixed together in our vegan production room!  

In this room you can normally find one of our amazing artisans mixing together batches of all of your favourite natural skin care products.  

This is where we turn all of our natural ingredients into the products that you know and love.  We aim to use organic ingredients wherever possible and screen every one of our 150+ ingredients in order to check it has been ethically and sustainably sourced as well as ensuring they are biodegradable and GMO free.

We try and buy our ingredients from as close to home as possible.  When it comes to more exotic active ingredients we choose to buy them in powder form.  This means that they don’t transport excess water and only ship the core ingredients.  

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Where your products are packaged

Once all of the products are made in batch they are then taken to the production line to be packaged!  

All of our products are hand packaged by our product artisans.  This allows us to ensure that each product is packaged with care and sealed with love.  

All of our packaging here is recycled.  Our glass bottles are made from fully recyclable glass and we use 75-100% recycled PET plastic which is fully recyclable  and doesn’t leach any chemicals into the soil if it is put into landfill.  

Our cartons are made from Cairn Eco Kraft which is a 100% recycled paper and board material.  Here at Evolve we try our best to choose ways that don’t damage the environment, and one of the reasons we use this material for our packaging is because the manufacturing process is chlorine free and and the material itself is acid free. 

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Welcome to the Warehouse

The warehouse is where we store all of our products once they are made and packaged.  

This is where all of our products will wait until they are ordered by one of you lovely lot and shipped off to their new home.  

To protect our products in their boxes we use shredded recycled cardboard and paper which is also fully recyclable.

We use biodegradable packing peanuts made from corn starch to protect our packaging when they’re in the large shipping containers on their way to you.  These dissolve under running water which means no waste!!

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Where we come up with ideas

Upstairs in our eco studio is home to our marketing and sales team.  

You can often find them typing away at their computers or sitting around our picnic table in the break area!  The break area is fitted with recycled astroturf that resembles grass which makes it a great place to chill out and wind down in the middle of a busy day in the studio!  

This is where we love to come up with all of our ideas for new product names, campaigns or any events we’ve got coming up!  We often have team meetings to keep each other updated. If anyone is away from the office then they can phone in or attend the meeting via video link to help save carbon emissions from driving in unnecessarily!  

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By making all of our products in house we are able to monitor the production more closely and ensure that every product is given the love and care that it deserves.  We also produce our products in small batches which means that we produce a lot less waste than bigger companies who mass produce their products.  We want to make natural skin care products accessible so you can lead a greener and more sustainable life.

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